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  • WanderingRooibos - These cards are GREAT! No need to carry around the little book

    These cards are GREAT! No need to carry around the little book, you won't be flipping through that many pages when you need it. These cards are much more succinct and if you generally get the idea of ACLS, these are all you need. They do have dosing on them too. My only complaint is the INSANELY HIGH PRICE!!! For comparison, if an AHA instructor orders a set with their instructor ID straight from AHA, the set only costs 75 CENTS! And on here....more than 20 bucks. Ridiculous!

  • Catherine T. - Will Install on 2014 Rav4

    The installation was easy, they look great and will help protect the body of the vehicle. I can confirm that these mudguards will 100% install on a 2014 Rav4. In fact, my 2014 Rav4 Limited was made in Japan while these mudguards were made in Canada. Still, no problems with perfect fit. The texture and color of these mud guards matches the adjacent plastic perfectly.