Travel Ready MD - Helping Doctors and Clinics Add Travel Medicine Services to Their Office - Most doctors struggle to provide good care for their patients who travel. We have a process that helps them add travel medicine to their practice so that they can take better care of their patients.

  • Start Here - Travel Ready MD - Come on now…be honest. How many times have patients asked you if they need shots for an upcoming trip and you had to scramble to find the answer?  Were you able to give them what they needed in your office? Did they have to go somewhere else? (And if so, did they actually go there?)
  • About Us - Travel Ready MD - I developed TravelReadyMD at the request of patients in my primary care practice who were traveling abroad and didn’t know how to treat jet lag, what precautions to take, or where to receive any needed travel vaccines.
  • Contact Us - Travel Ready MD - We'd love to hear from you. Contact us by phone, email, or US mail. Driving directions to our two Pittsburgh area offices are provided....
  • Speaker - Travel Ready MD - Dr. Kohl's practical ideas and common-sense approach enable travelers to take control of their health and safety when they travel.
  • Business Travel - Travel Ready MD - Travel vaccinations, immunizations, jet lag, busy schedule? How do you prepare for business travel abroad? Let our doctors help you. We stock typhoid,.....

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