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  • Nik G - Be careful if you have digestive tract issues such as IBS or Colitis.

    Be careful if you have digestive tract issues such as IBS or Colitis. I took this just one time, a few drops in water, and it caused my IBS to flare up and made me sick, so obviously I won't be ingesting this anymore. I don't mind the smell, so I might diffuse it, but I doubt that will have any weight loss effect.

  • Ms. S - Mixed Results

    The first time I used this creme, it caused all the skin on my face and neck to slough -- an almost instant (and un-requested) exfoliation! Which looked great for maybe the next hour or two, but soon (even with moisturizer applications) left me severely dried out... as if my skin cells had all been stripped of any moisture or nutrients. So, I have to say, as pleasant + smooth as the cream feels to the touch, it's proven itself UNACCEPTABLY HARSH. The results are not always as radical and instantly exfoliating as that first application -- and it did lighten dark spots a bit -- but, always after a couple of hours, it turns insidiously and seriously drying. It's not supposed to be an exfoliant or skin lightener, so who knows what else it's 'accomplishing'... good or bad. (If I could find the darn receipt, I would definitely take it back to Whole Foods for a full refund.)

  • TheGermanTroll - Average Product w/ Typical Fake Reviews

    My God, what is in a review. The product is OK but pricey for what you get. Did not notice a huge change that I did in Animal or Mega Men. Beware of the 5 start fake reviews below. No verified purchases but a ton of BS.

  • M. Hill - Not too bad for 15 years of service without needing the septic ...

    I can only assume this stuff works because I've used it ocassionally over the past 15 years and after recently digging up my septic tank, I was very surprised to see that all was well. Not too bad for 15 years of service without needing the septic tank drained. Thank you !

  • Brian - Now it's very comfortable. Very fast shipping

    We've had the king bed for about 3 weeks. It was a bit firm at first but has softened up some. Now it's very comfortable. Very fast shipping, we had it in a few days.

  • Tequila - I think i love this entire POM line of products

    I think i love this entire POM line of products. I really like this product It dissolves nicely into my skin after i clean my face of all impurities. I have to say after I started using the CLNS, RETIN and sometimes the BENZD as treatment, my acne is not severe anymore. I own the moisture product but i don't use it because its extremely moist and i recommend that for extremely dry skin. Mine is oily already. So i use these main three products and once or twice a week i skip a night and don't use them until the morning. Also once or twice a week i use Tonymolys oil sebum removing egg soaps. I think i found the control i needed for my acne. I only get acne on my neckline though. Like from the sides of my ears going down to the lower area of my cheeks and on my neck. With occasional small nose pimple or forehead and chin but rarely. So my acne focuses on my neck and sides of face. Benz works well for on spot treatment. Its not too strong so it doesn't dry out my skin with its percentage. (Compared to other benzoyl peroxide percentages and other products I've used)