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  • D. Romesburg - Publisher is about the same with every version. I don't think it is worth the price, older version works just as well.

    Too expensive for what you get. Nicer interface, however the product really isn't very innovative. If you already have Publisher, save your monies... Too expensive for what you get.

  • joan mccabe - It certainly did nothing for me and was a waste of money

    I have been using this product for over a year and have seen no change in my skin. I was on auto delivery and had 5 boxes yet unopened even though I was using this product as prescribed both day and night.

  • Lipsa - I love the eye serum so much as it changed my condition

    I always knew that Orogold worked for me and I become one of their biggest fan. I finally got a few products for myself and I am delighted to see how effective they are. I could be a younger girl when used their products. I love the eye serum the most.

  • Jennifer - This text is a wonderful resource!

    This text is a wonderful resource!! I was taking an online class for excel and I hit a wall once the topic turned to PivotCharts and PivotTables. Fortunately, this book helped explain the purpose of pivotcharts/pivottables very well. The Excel Bible has great examples and step by step guides of how to accomplish tasks in excel. I recommend this book especially if you are at an intermediate level of excel.

  • FA Electrician - Freedom

    After reading They Fired the First Shot, I felt like yelling, "F-R-E-E-D-O-M", like in the movie Braveheart. I am reading They Fired the First Shot for the third time. I learn more every time I read it. This book pushes me to be a better Catholic Christian and a better Christian American. I am looking for solutions locally. Not just in the government but in my church. I am reading my own state's constitution. I appreciate that the book gives me something more to do for the country I love than just wait to vote in 2016 and call my congressman, again, and again, and again, just to get the same result. Nothing.

  • CPoint - ... of using this as it is suppose to be good for you

    Made a habit of using this as it is suppose to be good for you. I have not seen any negative affects. so it's good I continue to use it.