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  • ADN Artists and Authors Publishing - Tops getting all the best of the conclusion of 2013 hits

    Very happy with all the songs on this. I missed the show and now I can hear all the songs and see if I agree with the choice of winners, so far from what I've heard I can't argue against the choice of winners. The songs and the winners I love them too. So I'm just happy to have all the songs because I think they are all great music makers on this and hard decision for the judges to make I'm sure.

  • twins mom 22 - Smooth gel with a scent of cucumber

    This is a nice smooth eye gel. It comes with one of those fancy push down pumps which eliminate the need to dig your finger into a jar. Much more sanitary and much less mess. The gel is clear and has almost a cooling effect when you put it on. You can also smell the hint of cucumber which is nice and refreshing. I do feel like it firms the skin so this is likely what reduces the puffiness and the cooling sensation would also help to reduce any swelling. Overall I recommend this product. Disclaimer: I received this item at a discount for my honest review.

  • Robert Udell - I find a lot of assistance although I have used word since its inseption.

    This book has helped bring me up-to date on this very useful communication program. I refer to it often. The Kindle Fire and the available support and information is the best value I have received in a long time.

  • B. Frei - Requires HUGE suspension of disbelief, but fun to watch

    This is one of my guilty-pleasure movies. The plot is so outlandish and far-fetched it's comical in itself. But the special effects are dazzling, and the pace of the movie is fast and fun. I put this movie on in the background when I'm doing routine chores around the house.

  • Renee J. Barnaby - Save your $$

    Granted, I loved the "ice cream" this produced. Wow! Wait, until it started smoking about the fourth time I used it. It never actually caught fire, but sure came close. But I found a GREAT replacement! I use my KitchenAid meat grinder. It may not look like ice cream, but it has the same smooth consistency. Give it a try.

  • Pat F - Large screen viewing for Computer Videos

    I have been watching various videos on line for years, especially Prime videos. It so nice to now watch and hear them on a larger screen. Set up was super easy. I turned off my tv, plugged one end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI2 TV slot and one into the HDMI slot on my laptop. Turned the TV on and used the channel tuner to change it to HDMI2. (HDMI1 was in use by my Blue Ray play. You should be able to use any HDMI slot, just because you select that one on your turner. )