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  • BKMC - Didn't work for me!

    Sorry, but this product just didn't work for me. I went strictly by the instructions, and didn't notice anything. I bought it primarily to use around my eyes and upper lip. I'm not that old and don't have many wrinkles, but I do have wrinkles.... it just didn't work for me. I ended up giving it to a friend, who had recommended it to me.

  • J. Heidloff - Make it available

    I used Nevr-dull for the twelve years I lived aboard a sailboat. It kept the metal shiny and protected better than anything else I tried during that time.

  • Amazon Customer - DO NOT PURCHASE...zero customer service.

    Please do not purchase this product. My son's LeapPad Ultra will not turn on. I called "customer service" to troubleshoot and was told that the product was out of warranty but that I could receive a 25% discount on a new LeapFrog product. Really? No attempt whatsoever to solve the problem. I asked again if I could get some assistance with fixing the problem with my LeapPad. The representative put me on hold, returned to the line after a couple minutes and told me that after discussion with his supervisor, he could now offer me a 50% discount on a new product. I just want to fix the product I have. I don't want to buy a new product. And if they can't fix the product, just tell me that it isn't fixable. This is severely disappointing given the fact that I have, on multiple occasions, purchased several overly expensive apps. And yet when I call with an issue, LeapFrog didn't even give me the option to try to fix or give me tips on troubleshooting.

  • arp422 - Like the concept of this but it does take several ...

    Like the concept of this but it does take several strokes of the brush to get it to straighten and even then there is still a little wave to your hair. Definitely not as good as a flat iron but good for maybe flat iron touch ups.

  • michele trala - This stuff is absolutely amazing

    Bought this for Our camper that is in a very wooded arei, Our campground is closed from October thru April we were very worried about rodents using Our camper for a winter home and causing damage. We opened up camp 3 weeks ago and to Our surprise there were NO SIGNS of rodents . and the smell of this item is wonderful ! Will def use EVERY YEAR !