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  • Tina Coble - Good news!

    My husband has been using cell food for 10 years or so. A doctor told him about it, he researched it and decided it was a must! I can attest to the fact that at age 64, his health issues are minimal and he says it's the cell food. Finally he's convinced me that I too should be on it! It's a very expensive product but thanks to Amazon, I can afford to be on it too!

  • Amazon Customer - Worth every penny!

    One of the best books around for those who want to pay off debt, create a budget that works, and save money.

  • Liz19 - skeptical at 1st but it works

    I had been looking around for the best reviewed butt enhancer. I've tried the mo butta cream and after 2 bottles I didn't see a difference & when I came across brand new booty I decided to try it. After 3 weeks I measured myself but no luck & after I finished the bottle, I measured my self a week later and I grew half an inch! I was like whaaa?! I measured a couple more times (lol) and I finally realized it was really there. I will order this product again

  • fitnessforlife - Low acidic coffee

    I am a pretty healthy person. I excercise everday,I do not eat red meat, very litte chicken and turkey, no pork, and and i love fish and veges! I didnt order this coffee for health benefits i basically ordered because regular coffee gives me reflux. This coffee taste great and is low acidic. They say it helps with high blood pressure and other ailments, but seeing that i do not have any health issues right now i wouldnt know about that on a personal level. I do have friends who rave about its healing powers but again i think it is a lot to pay for coffee... i can get that same low acidic properties from Starbucks. If i had the extra cash i would continue to order, but i dont.

  • Gold Acres - Waste of money!

    I am very disappointed in this product. To put it simply, it doesn't work. It doesn't matter how hard I press the device against my nails, they remain unchanged.

  • TriciaRose - Just doesn't feel right...

    I haven't seen much weight change, but it definitely does suppress your appetite. The caffeine works great to wake you up in the morning too. However, it has also caused slight insomnia and stomach pains/nausea if I eat too much. And after the initial wakeup jolt in the morning, I feel sluggish and grouchy. Personally, I think the cons outweigh the pros. I just feel like it's doing more harm than good to my body.

  • Crystalle Wright - Good for using between shampoos

    I bought this in conjunction with the shampoo and conditioner. This is a good product for making sure the lice really smell the tea tree oil (between shampoos) and somewhat stay away, but it is not 100% effective. My daughter didn't really care for the smell but she eventually couldn't smell it as the day went on