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  • Dan W. Kayser - Software hoops to jump through

    I bought Familytree Maker thinking genealogy would be something I would be interested in. The software did not install correctly and I could not get it to even open. Tech support was courteous and referred me to a set of instructions of procedures to follow that would fix the problem. They were well written and complete. I was excited. After checking that my Windows updates were current, I installed WSE, a web service enhancement and removed a folder called `'. Turning off my firewall, I reinstalled. This did not work. Calling back, I was sent another link to a `manual uninstall' set of instructions. Again it was very comprehensive and well written.

  • Vinny - Excellent product at a great price

    This can gun snaps securely onto the can and is very easy to grip and control. The spray goes just where you want it. When the gun is attached, you have the feel of using a paint sprayer. Well designed and made in the US by people who care.