Pharmacy Consulting - PRS Consulting Group - Pharmacy Consultants - The PRS Pharmacy Consulting Group has been nationally and internationally recognized as The Pharmacy Consultants since 1982.

  • About - PRS Lattanzio Consulting Group - Pharmacy Consultants - PRS Lattanzio Consulting Group has been providing pharmacy consulting services by our expert pharmacy consultants since 1982.
  • Pharmacy Ownership - Buying, Selling and Opening a Pharmacy - PRS offers pharmacy ownership consulting with years of knowledge and expertise in buying, opening and selling pharmacies.
  • Buying a Pharmacy - Consulting Services for Buying a Pharmacy - PRS Lattanzio Consulting Group can provide you with consulting services from our experts focused on buying a pharmacy.
  • Selling a Pharmacy – Consulting Services for Selling a Pharmacy - PRS Lattanzio Group offers consulting services including evaluations, transfers or processes for selling a pharmacy.
  • Opening a Pharmacy - Consulting Services for Opening a Pharmacy - PRS Lattanzio Consulting Group can assist you with all aspects of opening a pharmacy whether it's a new pharmacy or an existing one.
  • Pharmacy Brokers - Pharmacy Business Brokers - Broker Services - PRS Lattanzio Consulting Group provides services linking those who are looking to buy or sell their pharmacy with pharmacy brokers.
  • Pharmacy Performance Evaluation - Performance Indicators for Pharmacy - A pharmacy performance evaluation uses key performance indicators to help improve independent pharmacy operations and effectiveness.
  • Pharmacogenetics - Precision Medicine - DNA Testing - Pharmacogenetics presents a unique opportunity to pharmacies as it is fundamentally changing medication management.
  • Pharmacy Compliance Services - Pharmacy Rules and Regulations - PRS provides pharmacy compliance services to assist independent pharmacies in keeping up to date with laws and regulations.
  • Specialty Pharmacy Services - Long Term Care - Pharmacogenetics - PRS Lattanzio Consulting Group offers specialty pharmacy services to support independent pharmacies in their expansion of services.
  • Pharmacy Grants - Affordable Care Act Funding - Grant Administration - PRS can assist Independent Pharmacists with Pharmacy Grants, including recommending grants that you might be eligible for.
  • Specialty Pharmacy Program - Specialty Pharmacy Services - Our specialty pharmacy program supports independent pharmacy businesses with the necessary tools, policies, and procedures.
  • Long Term Care Pharmacy - Establish a Long Term Care Pharmacy - PRS Lattanzio Consulting Group provides retail pharmacies with consulting services and programs to establish a long term care pharmacy.
  • International Pharmacy Services - Overseas Pharmacy - Our International Pharmacy Services division brings “American” products, pharmacy standards and practices to the rest of the world.

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  • SkipSummer - They Got Lazy

    I have been using H&R Block software (business and personal) for years. I am most disappointed with this edition. I couldn't go 5 minutes in the program without having to stop and do some sort of research to figure out if my business was exempt from this or that, qualified or unqualified for something, eligible for some sort of election under such 'n such rule, etc.

  • Kit Cassingham - Easy and Effective

    I used a different product years ago to design our house. Fortunately our builder was able to translate our ideas, as represented by the result of the program, and create floorplans that the engineers could use. We love our house. And now that we are ready to build again we decided to give this a whirl. I love the ease and professional results I get from this program.

  • nycinema - You still need the Official HD Service Manual, but ...

    You still need the Official HD Service Manual, but this helps with the bigger picture and makes things clear that can be unclear using the official Service Manuel alone.

  • MB Simmons - I love the smell

    This is the only thing I use to wash my baby from day 1! She showed a slight skin irritation to Johnson's and Johnson's so we tried this since I had received it as a gift. I love the smell, honey-like, and I love the way it doesn't make her bath water oily or super slick like other brands. I order in bulk now because I love Burt's Bees!!

  • Brigitte - Honest Earth mashed potatoes.

    I like them because they are the 'most natural' store bought mashed potatoes you can get. You have to add your own ingredients though, to it to make them taste better. Of course nothing beats from the scratch made mashed potatoes. But if you are in a hurry, they work fine. I refuse other brands of store bought mashed potatoes because of what is in there. Read the labels - yuk !