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  • Wild Shiaga from American Dream Nutrition - Wild Shiaga is considered one of the most powerful weapons in fighting against illness and disease.
  • Americam Dream Products and Opportunity - Nu-Derma Gold is an amazing anti-aging serum, Clear Heart Advanced Cardio, PhytoZon whole wellness health.

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  • Amazon Customer - I would not buy this mouse again.

    This mouse out of the box is great. Everything works the way it should. After about 2-3 months however I started noticing issues.

  • Joseph Hoener - I don't like it

    Hard to light: required repeated tries before I could get it going. Because of the rounded bottom, you can't stand it on a tabletop to fill or light it. The wide, flat shape slips nicely into a pocket; but it's awkward and uncomfortable to hold in your hand -- and since it's a hand warmer, that's what it supposed to fit. I was disappointed in how little heat it generates: not enough to warm cold hands, even when not bitter cold outside.

  • MN-Madison-A2-ATX - This is terrible. Do not buy.

    Santa brought this for the kids. One of very few games my 6 year old girl could get into. The iPhone app was terrible. I then bought the camera. The camera does not pick up anyone under age 9. Frustration the ENTIRE TIME. Terrible game and I would return it to the North Pole if I could.

  • Azzor N. - it hasn't represented an issue as for the case work ability but as for aesthetics it just doesn't look good for something to hav

    I know there are a lot of cases that say they do this and that...i know you may be questioning the price but i consider its priced at the product range, 3 stars because the product arrive with a dent on the case frame, it hasn't represented an issue as for the case work ability but as for aesthetics it just doesn't look good for something to have dent on it from where it came from. :-(

  • Delivers the roadmap from good to great! - Delivers the roadmap from good to great!

    Collins' research into eleven public companies over a thirty year period provides important insights into corporate success. I was impressed by the emphasis on the right people -- instead of people in general -- as the greatest asset of a company. I also respect Collins' suggestion to "Confront the brutal facts." Optimism is a bad strategy when the price of failure or probability of failure are high. Good to Great provides the leap from mediocre thinking to extraordinarily positive thinking for a company. In the optimal thinking corporate world, good and great performance are considered positive, but suboptimal. Leaders and employees are using optimal thinking to be their best. I recommend this book highly because of its unique perspective and scientifically valid research.

  • Amazon Customer - Razer BlackWidow Perfected!

    Great Keyboard. For some reason I've always liked the Razer green switches because they feel clicky like the cherry mx blues. But with this keyboard, I am able to type a lot faster and more accurate. Note I am coming from a CM storm quickfire with cherry mx blues and a Corsair Strafe RGB with cherry mx browns. Only thing that swayed me away from Razer was the green backlight and the poor placement of the macro keys(never had any use for the macro keys). With this they have fixed both of my issues and I couldn't be more happier. Only downside is no wrist rest. Other than that. It's a solid keyboard. Well done Razer, well done.