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  • Oinky71 - Salon pas are the best pain patches available

    Salon pas are the best pain patches available. I personally prefer the older (first) style better than the supposed to be new and improved. The new material is a stretchy type, whereas the original was similar to a plastic type. The plastic type ones stay on better and last longer. The new material doesn't stick very well, and for supposedly being 20% bigger they don't cover more area. As soon, as the patch is put on, I can instantly feel the soothing comfort. The medicine in the patches smells good (I like the smell), and it has a burning, tingly sensation the minute I put it on. Aches and pains feel so much better with salon pas. It's fast acting and lasts for a good 8 to 10 hours. Now, granted, I do sometimes use more than one patch in the area of pain as the patches don't cover a big area (the older ones or the new ones). When anyone tells me they ache, I automatically ask, "Have you tried Salon Pas?" because I have had positive results with these. I personally wish they had left the product as is and didn't try to improve it. Why try to fix something that isn't broke?

  • Amazon Customer - Awesome!

    First book I've read by this Author and it was GREAT! Best 9.99 I have ever spent on a book! Definitely a Fan now!!!!

  • Oren Ishii - What a LIFESAVER!!!

    My whole life I've stayed away from vitamin B because it made me hulk out. It made me irritable and lash out at people. Prenatal vitamins were THE WORST. Anyways I started getting some neuralgia and tingling in my hands and feet. I thought I was out of luck because whenever I searched "vitamin B makes me aggressive" I found very little or nothing. Then my aunt started talking about Methyl B and I couldn't wait to try it. I knew it would work! I knew my body couldn't absorb regular B. I trust Jarrow more than any other supplement company, I buy Jarrow everything! Well of course I was right and this is a LIFESAVER! I have more energy and feel more relaxed at the same time. I'm so glad that Amazon reviews led me to Jarrow! I also take Jarrow B right and I think everybody would benefit from it.

  • Amazon Customer - An Awesome New Paradigm in Computing

    I haven't used it extensively yet but so far I'm very impressed. I love the fact that it boots up in seconds and doesn't take several minutes to load various processes, applications, etc. The fact that everything is web-based takes some getting used to but at this point I can't see going back to a traditional laptop. I can do just about everything via Google, including docs, spreadsheets, Email, etc. Also, many of the tools I use for project management are web-based anyway.

  • Alice Mann - Turning point

    I find it amazing just how quickly a society can break down. It scares me to read about the ability of the human race can suddenly turn. Looking forward to reading the rest of the story.

  • laine mcmillan - fraud/barely works/too expensive for what it really is.

    i got the back 2 life brand new, but it didnt even work when i got it, the customer service people did barely anything and after accessive calling for 3 months i finally got a new one shipped to me, i used it for a couple of weeks and i did somewhat feel relief, but a couple of days later it broke, face it, its a fraud. read reviews all over the internet, more than 3/4 of the reveiws will say either it doesnt work or it came broken just like me, and the customer service straight up sucks. this especially isnt worth buying because you can buy a big exercise ball for about $11 and get the same results. it comes with exercise dvd and you can find additional back exercise over the internet, so save yourself the time and money.

  • cleverusername - Great little blaster

    A good gun, helps me defend myself from assaults from the other side of the office. Shoots pretty much all types of nerf darts. I've noticed that the bottom barrel tends to shoot the furthest, but all barrels will make it past 30 feet without a problem with all types of darts.