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  • Amazon Customer - Not for person with asthma, royal jelly!!

    I bought the greens, not for weight loss, just for the awesome benefits I was told about. More energy, would possibly help with my immune system and get rid of my constant sinusitis.. blah blah blah! I used it January 30th for the first time, 2 scoops in water. Later that day, I had anxiety SO BAD.. heart racing, couldn't breathe very well, was not feeling normal. I decided to try again in the 31st, but 1 scoop this time. Same thing, but over heating this time and I gained 3 pounds (just in 2 days). I read online about allergic reactions to this stuff. Finally came up with, royal jelly may cause allergic reaction for person with asthma. WHAT?! Why is this not on the label?? I have asthma, and worse case scenario is death. So if I had a HORRIBLE allergy to the royal jelly, I probably wouldn't be here right now. To top it off, I now have to pay $50 to cancel my 3 month loyal customer membership! I will NEVER buy another dietary product again. Lesson learned!

  • mike hill - I admit it...

    I too, against every bad review I read about this product got sucked in to buying this. It simply makes no logical or scientific sense that strapping a giant "ace bandage" around your waist would result in any weight loss. 2 comments; how can they continue to advertise/sell this thing without legal recourse, even pitchman Kevin Tradeau was tossed in jail for false weight loss claim products. Also, I'm wearing the goofy thing as I write this which is causing me to laugh hysterically, maybe laughter will result in weight loss????....

  • M. Chitty - Really nice lotion!

    Love this!! I am not pregnant and have never been. However, I have a very bad problem hand eczema. Regular lotions have not helped so I thought I would give this a try as I am worried about scarring from the eczema. So far I am really happy. Has a really nice lemony smell and actually has helped with the itching. A little goes a long way!

  • Shasa Gimblett - Interesting look into US culture and a great extension to Gorilla Mindset

    The first two parts of the book detail the American 2016 presidential and how the game is rigged against Trump. The final part of the book details how Trump overcame all obstacles with his MAGA MINDSET

  • Sam G. - This will be my 2yr olds birthday gift and I'm sure he will love it. He is obsessed with Harry the Bunny

    So cute! This will be my 2yr olds birthday gift and I'm sure he will love it. He is obsessed with Harry the Bunny. I like that it is the perfect size for him and plays and sings.

  • E. Lyons - The real story behind an amazing journey - an inspirational read for any creative person!

    I cannot strongly enough recommend this book!! I have long been so impressed by how transparent Nicole is about her journey (as well as honest about the joys AND challenges that come with her line of work). This book truly leaves nothing out -- from the houses she's saved to the relationships she's had to walk away from to what keeps her going month after month and season after season, Better Than New is an inspirational and motivational read for any creative person looking for the real story behind an amazing journey.

  • E. Ervin - They came back!

    I followed the directions carefully but the bed bugs obviously got ahead of me and I did not win the battle with Harris bed bug killer. I think that I probably had the dratted bugs for a longer period of time than I thought and they were all over the place. I used this product twice and still had critters coming back on me. The bugs have to be caught at an early stage, I think.