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  • Andrew Berry - it looks like i have a giant tumor coming out of my ...

    so i got the headset for use at school since i wanted a discreet way to listen to music, and didn't want to deal with cords. And i when i got this, it does exactly that. only problem is first, it looks like i have a giant tumor coming out of my ear, and second, it fit's in my ear fine, but it irritates it. If you have bigger ears im guessing this isn't a problem. another part is i tried using it at night when my room was dark, and the indicator light flashes every 10 seconds and is incredibly annoying. But sound quality is great for how much it is, and over all isn't bad.

  • TomG - Easy to Install and Sturdy

    Easy to install, no tools needed except a rubber hammer/mallet to get pieces into slots. A regular hammer with a block of wood or wrapped in a towel would work too. Yes, it is heavy, but that's what you want if you are storing heavy items on it like I am. Don't place. or drag, it on anything you care about after you set it up. The steel angle iron feet will destroy the floor. If you have an epoxied garage floor I would recommend attaching wooden 'feet' to the bottom of the rack using the 1st open slot (if set up per directions this one will be open anyway).

  • William E. Rocovich - OUr second Subaru!

    We loved our 2011 Outback and only had 90K miles on it, but wanted the newer technology in the 2016 models. We purchased about the same level of options, 4-cyclinder with navigation, etc., but what a difference 5 years makes in the accessibility and technology! The navigatin and entertainment system is far better than before and the eyesight and lane departure features are awesome.

  • John Culkin - Saved a life.

    My wife used this helmet. She's a strong cyclist who rides fast. Had a serious crash last year with neck and pelvic injuries. She was told that if she wasn't wearing her helmet, she might have been killed. She sustained a bit of a concussion but no brain bleed or other cranial injury. Needless to say, we got another one of these for her. Great job Giro and thanks!!!