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  • Joe Pitt - Don't buy it! Do NOT upgrade from 2014.

    Don't buy it, Don't upgrade from 2014. You have been warned. I have been using Acronis since version/year 2011 and was perfectly happy wit it. I finally decided to take their offer to upgrade from version 2014 to 2015. I have struggled over the last two months to get this crap software to work on my machine. It has been nothing but headaches and hang-ups. I am in the software industry, and *I* give up. I am uninstalling this so-called improvement and going back to the 2014 version which was stable and reliable.

  • Joseph H. Race - EXCELLENTE


  • K. Agnew - Awesome, killer product

    Fantastic, does exactly what it says on the tin. One star off because I can't drive faster than 87 MPH now.

  • Gordon M. - Helps prevent beard dandriff and dry itchy skin.

    Good quality beard/mustache oil! I've been using this product for months now and have zero complaints! Conditions my beard/skin from flaking and drying out. Perfectly helps mold my beard to a point which is what I like. I'm not into the crazy "poofy" beard style that looks like a hot mess. This helps you in forming your beard to the way you like to wear it, as well as conditioning it and your skins from flaking.

  • whateveritis - came with missing parts!

    The fabric was nice. Just what I wanted but the stroller that I recieved must have been a return. It was missing all kinds of pieces including a wheel! I called immediately to return the item and they were gone. I sure hope everyone else got all the wheels because I got screwed in this purchase. Returned and awaiting refund.

  • kudzu63 - Not traditional Hercules.

    Not sure what I was expecting but it wasn't at all what I thought Hercules was going to be about. Going by the commercials I assumed it would be about the 12 labors. Even though it lagged a little bit at times it did turn out to be a pretty good movie. The one thing I am glad of is that The Rock didn't try to do a cheesy English accent. I'd recommend it for anyone that's a fan of Dwayne Johnson.

  • S. Malaby - .Card Studio 2011 total waste of money!

    If I could have given this card studio no stars, I would have.. I have used Hallmark for several years, always upgrading each year. For starters, the image will not fit on my screen (16" I have to restart my computer every time I want to use Hallmark then restart after I am through or the print is so small, I cannot read it, even with bifocals. The address book which I took pains to install carefully is of absolutely on help. When I try to print an envelope it scrambles the addresses and I have to look up the address and type in it manually. It often shuts down while I am making a card, then I have to start over, I have called and written with no help or, "for Pete's sake" even gotten sympathy. Here's what I hear,"We get a lot of these calls." I am through with Hallmark. Right now I am using Blue Mountain which has only a very small selection of cards. I love making cards so am on the lookout for a more reliable program. Surely there is one out there somewhere. No luck yet, though.