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  • Mr.Charles - My granddaughter loves it

    My granddaughter needed a lot of help with learning this year and this book has really helped. It lets her pratice the word over and over.

  • Regina Godfrey - Home!!!

    This tv is fan freaking tastic!!!! We are now living in the box it came in but even that is roomy and quite comfy!!!!

  • Nerva - New design is total glare-filled unreadable fail

    I have been a FRER customer for years. From the time in my life where Id sit with the test hoping it would be negative from now where I pray for the second line. This was my go to- always kept one in the cabinet just in case test. Through the years the quality has plummeted and to me this new design was it's last nail in the coffin for me because it just doesn't function.

  • Nikki - Could be better....

    Wish it had the comments as they would be really helpful but a great supplement to my contracts book (Knapp). A must for my class since we can take it into the final!

  • tommyt - Fun Hobby to start!

    Nice product to learn how laser tech works without spending a lot of money. Still there is a learning curve to find right material to use. It is not to be expected it will do as more costly units but it works!

  • Amazon Customer - Its OK.

    It’s pretty nice, but the controller doesn’t work. It only works well in some games and there are not a lot of games out there for this kind of peripherals. The picture qualities of the videos that are out there aren’t so great either. Another downside of this set it’s that the cellphone won’t have ventilation on the back when it gets hot, so is you’re going to use this, play it with the air conditioner on. It’s way more comfortable than other headsets out there and that’s a plus for me… So it’s an okay product.

  • Go Celtics - I tried a number of Lutein Vision pills and these are as good if not better than all the ones I tried

    I always worry about my eyesight, seriously who doesn't. Between my eyes and ears I want them to last me a lifetime. I tried a number of Lutein Vision pills and these are as good if not better than all the ones I tried. I first like that they are easy to swallow. They have a good dosage of Lutein, they say it really helps the eyes so I am willing to take it and try to keep my eyes good (and hopefully make them better although i'm not sure if that is possible just by taking a pill) as I can. I recommend these!