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  • shannon sanchez - ... want to start off by saying the service was pretty fast, I received the item earlier than expected

    I just want to start off by saying the service was pretty fast, I received the item earlier than expected, which was nice.I love my new case, love the color too, color was a little off compared to the picture that was displayed but nothing that I can't live with, it's still pretty and functions as it should.

  • David Van Der Heide - Its a lie

    This product is fairly decent but it is not an all in one at all. For instance it claims that it replaces an electrolyte drink. It contains 2% daily value of sodium and 1% daily value of potassium in one serving. That is not replacing, and if it does that poorly at replacing one drink, it really makes you wonder about the other claims. Highly disappointed and not close to the $200 value they claim.

  • Pdiddy - It was a little more than I would have liked to pay but if it stops her from complaining ...

    My mom made me write this review. I live in a 2 bedroom 1100 sqft condo so I didn't need this at all but she's always complaining about how her connection gets dropped when she's in the living room or in the backyard. I tried those plug-in extenders but that didn't stop the complaining. You ever have an old Chinese lady mad at you for something you didn't do? She called EVERY DAY complaining. Anyhoot here's the deets.

  • Tiffany Potter - It's DETOX that WORKS!

    Ok guys, I have read all the reviews and the bad and good ones are missing the point completely! This is DETOX, not simply a diuretic, weight loss product, or a magic pill that will contour your body without doing anything. I got it from the Carnival Cruiseline and they explained it perfectly. The only way to effectively lose weight is the 3 part triangle: EXERCISE, NUTRITION, and DETOX. Detox alone will not make you lose weight, but it detoxifies your body, removing the toxins from your overloaded liver, bloodstream, and fat cells that PREVENT you from getting the results you want. My advice would be to detox in conjunction with the other two, and you WILL get the results you want. No other diet plans work because they don't take care of the root problem, the toxins making you rebound and making your body unhealthy. This is more for those who care about their health and the longevity of their life, cleanse your body from the toxins bad food has placed all your life so that the other diets and exercise will work. Without detoxing, you wont get the results you want and keep them. I hope this helps your understanding of what this product is meant to be. I am a medical professional so the cost was not an issue, and no I don't work for the cruiseline or the company, I just know the medical side of dieting and weight loss and know that it wont last without detox.

  • D. Rodriguez - It's working great!

    I had used the Fleabusters service over 20 years ago where they have to come and apply their formula themselves and it worked great back then, but I had forgotten all about it. Then, earlier this year a little 10 pound dog decided to come and live with me, and I was hesitating to put the chemical treatment directly on her skin, especially because of her size. Suddenly I remembered Fleabusters and found out that they had the powder that you can apply yourself, and gave it a try. I thought maybe that it wouldn't work if I applied it myself, but I was very wrong. I bought a $9 push broom and a painter's mask, spent about 45 minutes to put the powder down in the one carpeted room that I have. My dog goes to the beach and doggy day care, so she's all around fleas. Before I put the powder down, I bought a flea comb and found quite a bit of flea dirt (excrement) and about 35 fleas. Then the powder came, so I took her to day care for the day (as the dog should not be there when you put it down because the powder is fine). That was about a month ago, and the fleas have been gone for about 10 days. I still use the flea comb every time she goes to day care just to get rid of the fleas that might have come home with her, but now there is no flea dirt, and I might find 1 flea when she's around a lot of fleas. But the house is flea-free! And with the help of the flea comb, the dog is flea-free! My flea problem is gone! When I used Fleabusters 20 years ago, it was still working 2 years later. I have high hopes for the powder, too.

  • Candace Kuhn - I am a repeat customer and I am not happy unless I am using this product on my children

    I am a repeat customer and I am not happy unless I am using this product on my children. This wash is gentle and the scent isn't overpowering, so they're left smelling clean instead of overly fruity. Their skin feels soft afterward instead of dried-out. I use this on all of my kids, from my one year old to my six year old, and they all like it.

  • MarcusHoward - This years selections are well written but horribly depressing and flat

    been reading these collections for 2 decades. This years selections are well written but horribly depressing and flat. There are NO upbeat moments in any of these stories. While one can appreciate the skill of the writing, its pure drudgery. Remember reading Raymond Carver and really feeling the lives of peoples travails? I do, and did not seem so bleak and draining as all these stories.