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  • Katie and J - Timbuk-Awesome!

    I had an epic messenger bag that held everything and multiple pockets and made it easy to travel with. Then it died.

  • Cindy J. - Love it!!

    Great price, great product. Was not quiet but wasn't extremely loud either. Made camping on the Tx coast in the Tx heat and humidity very comfortable. I was able to run my pop up camper for 10 to 12 hours with 4 gallons of gas and my a/c was definitely on too!

  • AuraV - I love my espresso machine

    This is actually a very good espresso machine for the price. I use it every day for a cafe experience at home. It takes some knowledge of espresso machines to figure out how to use it. Just remember to descale it and maintsin clesning the steaming parts with regular use and it should last a really long time.