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  • Tracy Bittner - Got rid of cable and still get to watch my favorite shows!

    We made the decision to get rid of cable but still wanted to be able to watch our favorite shows on the local stations as well as local news. Before cancelling we purchased the Anpro Ultra-Thin Amplified HDTV Aerial TV Antenna and installed it. We needed to be SURE we could still watch what we wanted before actually pulling the cable plug. After installing and placing the antenna on an exterior window we ran a scan on the tv. We live in Phoenix so we knew we should get plenty of channels but we get 63 digital channels! Wow! Admittedly many are Spanish speaking channels (which we do not) but that is to be expected locally. We still get all our local channels and my husband has rediscovered his love for 80's tv like "Walker, Texas Ranger," "MacGyver" and "Family Ties." We cans till watch football and plenty of soccer so we are all happy!

  • Sharon D. Tilson - Great addition!

    These guards look great on the jeep. Heavy duty design, yet sleek. Easy installation. I would recommend these for sure.

  • J. Dalton - Natural therapies work

    this product is said to help eliminate cancer cells. we'll see in April when my daughter has her next MRI. Prayers for all going through this journey. God is Good.... Keep your body alkaline and don't believe the doctors. They are looking for treatment not a cure. Read all you can Cancertutor.com is a good place to start. Asparagus is not a hoax. and anything the doctors say is quackery is not true. Also look into MMS Hydrogen Peroxide therapy. Keep your immune system boosted. My daughter was given a 3 year sentence 9 1/2 years ago... Natural therapies work.

  • M. Ellis - Impressive Vac

    I bought the Shark because I have a dog and was tired to trying clean out my filters every other time I vacuumed. I have a Ereaka Optima that I still use for the stairs but I no longer use it for the whole house so I don't have to clean the filters as much.