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  • Enrique L. - Skip 'em

    Really cheap set. I should have gone with my gut and not cheaped out on tools. Good quality socket sets are available right here on Amazon for not a lot of money. The aggravation was surely worth an extra $20-30. These are poor quality tools that don't function well. I would skip these.

  • H. Adley - Loaded With Information

    This book is honest, thorough, and practical in its presentation of data from research. Some may argue about how precise it is, statistically. The author is trying to impart anecdotal and empirical support for leadership successes, not prove that they are statistically and mathematically perfect. The book is loaded with good information for all who are interested in leadership to follow. Additional information and knowledge that I, as a consultant, would recommend reading in order to attain a complete understanding of leadership (outside the scope of "Good to Great"), is a simply written book I recommend to my clients called, "West Point", by Norman Thomas Remick. I give some clients a copy of James C. Collins' "Good to Great" and clients in other fields different ones. To all, however, I recommend getting that book on the basic philosophical principles that underpin leadership in order to fully understand leadership, and effectively be a good leader.

  • Ray O. Vac - Downhill slide of service

    I bought one of these direct from Freedompop about 1.5 years ago. At first, it usually worked on both my smartphone and my laptop, but not often enough to be dependable. Downhill from there. Buyers should know that it works only with a 4G wimax signal, not a 4G LTE signal. My house is square and deep within a 4G wimax area in Seattle--according to Freedompop's coverage map--but over the time I've had this modem, it is having a harder and harder time finding any 4G wimax signal. This is a problem everywhere I go now, and now the signal is so hard to come by that the device is pretty much useless. So either the coverage maps are wrong (and 4G wimax is getting phased out) or the device has just lost the necessary sensitivity to be practical. Doing a reset didn't help at all. I feel like I've spent so much time futzing with this and have gotten comparatively little use out of it, so it hasn't been worth the money to me. To make matters worse, customer service at Freedompop is next to impossible to access. Freedompop's other devices are tempting, but given my experience with this, I won't be buying into any of them in the near future.

  • Robert F. James - Restore is a disaster

    This product is very expensive and a total rip-off. I applied the product pursuant to instructions, which did not say anything about totally sanding my deck first. It looked great for the first couple of months, but now only about six months after application it has cracked and peeled off in large sheets. I now have a total mess which is going to require the complete removal of this junk before I can try to salvage my deck.

  • C. Woscek - My dog absolutely hates when he sees me coming with ...

    My dog absolutely hates when he sees me coming with this bottle but it's relatively quick and painless compared to a toothbrushing session. The vet said he sees a big difference in my dog's teeth, so I will continue using this every night before bed. My dog is 15 pounds and I use less than a pea size on each side of his mouth.

  • Amanda Dvanajscak - My co-worker recommended this and after being frustrated with my battery operated ...

    I won't lie, I was a bit hesitant to buy something that hooked to my vacuum. My co-worker recommended this and after being frustrated with my battery operated aspirator I decided to give it a try. Takes hardly any time at all and works so well! I tried it on myself first to see what it was like and it really isn't terrible. I would totally rather use this over the crappy bulbs considering how little time this takes and how effective it is. Love mine!!