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Dihydroxyacetone, Alkyl Polyglucosides, Fatty Alcohol, Surfactants, Preversatives - SPEC CHEM INDUSTRY INC. - Our products include 3-Hydroxypyridine, kojic acid, arbutin, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, piroctone olamine, 8-Hydroxyquinoline sulfate monohydrate, alkyl polyglycosides, polyquaternium(s), Promestriene.

  • http://specchem.en.ecplaza.net/3-hydroxypyridine--121653-703158.html 3-Hydroxypyridine - SPEC CHEM INDUSTRY INC. - CHEMICAL NAME: 3-Pyridinol; Pyridin-3-ol; Pyridine-3-ol; 3-Pyridol, 3-Pyridone CAS: 109-00-2 MOLECULAR FORMULA: C5H5NO EINECS: 203-637-4 GENERAL INFORMATION Appearance: Off-white crystals Purity (GC): 99.5% min. Melting point: 123-130ºC Boiling point: ...

    Country:, Asia, KR

    City: 126.9741 , Republic of Korea

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    My husband bought me some Caudalie products for Christmas from Amazon. Among the products he bought for me was the serum. The packaging appeared to have been tampered with and the product smelled bad. I called Amazon and they suggested I call directly to Caudalie. I called Caudalie and was switched back and forth until I got a person named Candace V. on the phone. I explained to her that my husband had bought me Caudalie products for Christmas and the problems I had with the product. She responded to me as if I were a liar and was very rude. She said I could not return the product and gave me a lecture on how great the products worked for everyone else. I was taken aback by this. I was amazed that this type of person would be on the staff at Caudalie. When I asked to speak with her Supervisor she would not connect me and hung up. I suggest Caudalie not hire people of this low calaber to work for them. There are many products out there and I for one will not purchase products from a Company whose policy it is to be rude and abrasive to their customers. STAY AWAY

  • E. A. Roper - Not a good experience

    I am really disappointed in this product. Earlier versions were more step intensive in order to get ready to back up the computer, however the oldere versions worked. This version appears deceptively simple to use. Not the case. Plug in your external hard drive and Acronis recognizes it as drive F:\ on my laptop, whereas, when clicking on the "Computer" icon the external drive is identified as drive E:\ not drive F:\. Since there is no drive F:\ ,Acronis does not work properly. Sometimes it is possible to use the Acronis options to force it on to drive E:\ it is not always possible.

  • Julie W. - WELL......

    After reading several positive reviews, and not seeing any negative reviews posted, I decided to order this product along with Nattokinase to see what the fuss was all about and to hopefully get amazing results for some medical conditions I am currently dealing with. What happened on my first day of taking both products together (2 capsules of each product, 1x day) is truly unbelieveable, but true. After about 2hrs have passed, I noticed both of my ears slightly popped and my nasal congestion cleared up; I was able to stand on my feet at work for 7 hrs. pain free, and my pre-menstrual cramps were minimal. I did, however, notice some feelings of nausea and feeling like I just ate a big meal and being stuffed, but this was my first day and I was not going to give up. I am now on day 6 and the nausea is gone so I think it was caused by putting something new into my body and it was just its way of "going to work" and doing its thing. The cramps are even better, and the brown spots on both knees that I got after a sledding accident several years ago as a child, are gone! This is wonderful because in the past it was embarassing for me to wear shorts in the summer. So to all you skeptics out there, I HIGHLY recommend this product. Now I know what all the fuss is about.

  • Keem - Best floor mats money can buy.

    Love them. Easy to clean and keeps my floors clean. Especially with all this snow we been getting. Best thing ever made.