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  • 2 boxes Gluta Solar C Glutathione x 30 capsules FREE SHIPPING - GLUTA SOLAR C x 30 capsules Gluta Solar C Capsule Sun Protection Gluta and Vitamin C. The newest formula by Perfect Beauty. With high ingredi

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  • Elizabeth - We are loyal to Clek!

    We bought this seat because we also own a Foonf for our other car. I loved that this is better for installation with a seatbelt. We have this in the back, middle seat of my husband's 2013 Ford F-150 Lariat. It fits wonderfully and is not too difficult to install. It takes up less space front to back than our Foonf and our daughter loves that she can see up and around her in this seat. It is heavy, though not as bad as the Foonf. I wouldn't recommend this for travel or if you have to move it from car to car often.

  • Stacey Fournier - Feel The Burn!!!!

    First, I will say that I despise going to the gym and avoid it if I can. But finding an exercise such as squats that fully works the inner thigh as effectively as the hip incisor machine is no easy task. So, I purchased the thigh master and I am so glad I did. During the first use, I could absolutely feel all my inner thigh muscles being worked to fatigue and the next day I had the sort of good muscle soreness you get when you have done a good job working out a muscle set. I am certainly looking forward to seeing the longterm results and will post an update but for now, I am very happy with this purchase.

  • Kelli C. - 57 STARS of Perfection

    Is it possible to give a book more than 5 Stars? Because I would...I should. Punk 57 could not be any better. It was start to finish pure perfection of genius writing with raw, gritty coming of age characters and a story so real it was painfully beautiful.