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  • S. Schneyder - Awesome Awesome Awesome!

    After a lot of researching via reviews online (no one I knew had ever even tried one of the Sole brand ellipticals), I decided to go with Sole. I actually ordered the model below the E55, but Sole upgraded me for free to the E55 b/c when I ordered they were out of stock and it took a couple of months to get me my elliptical (not the promised 2 weeks). Other than the run-around I had with actually getting the elliptical to my house (customer service was easy to get a hold of and did the best they could), I would highly recommend this product! It was not difficult to assemble at all, however, getting it into the house was challenging as it is awkward and quite heavy. I have had this product for almost 2 years now, and I still love it. It gives you a different workout than other ellipticals I've used at the gym. The incline feature is wonderful and there is lots of resistance available (I haven't even gone above 10). The hand heart rate sensors are not very good, but I do not have a lot of faith in them in any equipment, so just use the chest strap and you're good to go!

  • Veef - it handles like a truck and rides like a truck

    I've got the double cab Off road long bed 4x4.....So far solid truck. Minor quality issue with the epoxy that holds the hood to the hood frame. It appears the epoxy is not holding in some areas and causing the hood to slightly vibrate at highway speeds. I'll get that fix at the 5K service under warranty. Other than that it is what I expected.....a truck with some comfort features....but make no's a handles like a truck and rides like a don't expect it to ride like a SUV or car. The ride is well dampened at low speeds but the Off road Bilstiens don't do as well with high speed damping at highway speeds.

  • Emilie - Another great romance from R.S. Grey!

    I always get excited about a new romance story from R.S. Grey. She’s one of my go-to romance authors and for good reason. Her latest, A Place in the Sun, reminded me of why I love reading these stories as much as I do all while making me fall in love with new characters.

  • Robert Cordier - Very informative. The President and the other Democrats holding ...

    Very informative. The President and the other Democrats holding Public Offices pushing their Socialist agenda as outlined by Soul Alinsky and George Soros are the reasons I'm not a Democrat anymore. God bless the United States!

  • Terry - Great knife but the sheath hardware corrodes in saltwater

    I am writing this review after six-months of use. The reason for the missing star is due to the sheath having a knife-locking system made from a softer, metal that corrodes in saltwater. I love the knife and feel the knife alone is worth the price. It has everything I could want in a kayak-knife: Square semi-sharp tip, serrated edge, and most important, a recessed line-cutter on the back of the blade that will accept larger diameter cordages. The blade is nicely designed and has adequate heft that feels good in the hand, for a less-expensive, yet not cheaply made knife. While I have never drawn the knife for the use it was intended for, I have needed it for cutting cord and light prying. Now on to the sheath...finger-clasps that release the knife are made of some mild-metal and corrode badly in saltwater, even though I rinse everything I use in fresh water within an hour of getting home. I'm guessing I will need to discontinue using the sheath after a year because the corrosion will be advance enough to effect the integrity of the sheath. Had the option been available, I would have paid more for this knife with stainless steel hardware.