Simsrocuted - I'm Lisa, a 27-year old from the frozen regions of northern Sweden. I only bite when I'm hungry. I don't take requests and won't reply to messages containing them!

  • About - Simsrocuted - About - Well, this is simply where I’ll add some curiosities about me soon!
  • I depend on your Behr recolors! They're so much... - Simsrocuted - madamehardy said: I depend on your Behr recolors! They're so much more subtle, and more lifelike, than the colors that come by default. I think every room in my house is using your recolors. Thank you...
  • Long time no see! Anyways, this is a set of... - Simsrocuted - Long time no see! Anyways, this is a set of shorts, skinnies and cuffed jeans, in 12 colors each. All of them have a waist matching the Maxis tuck-line (or whatever it should be called?). The skinnies...
  • I guess it’s “yet another recolor of the Backyard... - Simsrocuted - I guess it’s “yet another recolor of the Backyard Tied Tee” but I LÖV it so I don’t care and here ya go :) Comes in solids and patterns, requires SP08 to work. TOU: Don’t be an ass DOWNLOAD Hair GTW -...
  • So, yes, it’s long overdue, but I’m gonna tell ya... - Simsrocuted - So, yes, it’s long overdue, but I’m gonna tell ya a little about my trip to Berlin and the Gaming Diversity Bootcamp! It wasn’t set up like I think some of you might’ve thought - meetings with...

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  • be obnoxious - did not see any changes

    bought a 2 month supply of this and did not see any changes. I was working out while taking this product and I think the gym was sculpting my rear not these pills. They did make me want to snack a lot though. Overall..Do not buy, scam!

  • C. Hays - Pretty good study guide for Pharmacy Technician Certified Board Exam.

    I received the Pharmacy Technician Certified Board Exam Study Guide 2015-2016 yesterday. I flipped through this book quite a while, and I can say that it is laid out well. Over five chapters it provides an introduction to being a Pharmacy Technician, how to work with customers, common drugs, general mathematics, maintaining medications and inventory, and administrative practices. I am sure that it will be helpful with preparing to be a Pharmacy Technician, but I am not sure that it provides enough information to actually pass the Pharmacy Technician Certified Board Exam.

  • SusanTech - My 9 year old grandson enjoys it - quite a challenge!

    My 9 year old grandson likes it, but it will take a lot of practice till he can master it. When he falls off it, he never gets hurt. You have to sort of fall off to get off, so you would think that it would be dangerous, but it's really not.

  • T. Nielsen - Even the musically challenged can improve their skill with this!

    It really is helpful to learn how to play, though I am so terrible at playing it sometimes feels like it advances too quickly, like I will finally get the strum pattern down for a song and get most of the notes right and then I will replay that song and suddenly I have a whole new note to play that totally throws me off, but then I slowly get the hang of it again. I honestly am not THAT much better playing yet, but this does help. I am a bit musically challenged, so that is saying something.

  • K4rnr - Perfect for hiking!

    We go to the mountains of North Carolina every summer and love to hike. Now that our children are older (13/15) we want to try some longer and more challenging hikes. The person needing assistance and help is no longer our children, but likely will be me! I got this in anticipation of our next trip. The pole is very lightweight and completely adjustable, which is perfect because we can pass it off to anyone in our group in the event of a very challenging hike. The handle is ergonomically designed and fits nicely into my hand grip. It is very well made and looks like it will hold up for years to come. I am super excited to give it a try in the real world!

  • Amazon Customer - This foil is consistently strong and when grilling, I never have to worry about it ripping or sticking

    Reynolds wrap is a well known brand for a reason! This foil is consistently strong and when grilling, I never have to worry about it ripping or sticking. This foil also saves alot of time washing pans if you use it whenever you can to protect the pan.