Home - Sentry BioPharma - Sentry BioPharma provides GMP temperature-sensitive storage, labeling, packaging and supply chain services to global pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms.

  • About Sentry - Sentry was created to meet the growing demands for dedicated and highly specialized contract GMP storage, labeling, packaging and supply chain services.
  • Leadership - Sentry's industry experts are committed to protecting your valuable biopharma products.
  • Quality - Every aspect of Sentry’s Quality Assurance Program reflects a commitment to protecting product integrity: safety, identity, strength, purity and quality (SISPQ).
  • Regulatory - Sentry provides its life science based services in compliance with the FDA and applicable sections of chapter 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).
  • Licensing & Registration - Sentry maintains licenses and registrations with many agencies, including: FDA, DEA, NABP, USDA, PMDA and all U.S. States and Territories.
  • Location - Sentry's Highly Protected Risk (HPR) facility is strategically located in Indianapolis, Indiana, providing one day driving access to 75% of all U.S. businesses.
  • Contact Us - Contact Sentry to discuss how we can help optimize your solutions for biopharmaceutical management.
  • Temperature - As guardians of temperature-sensitive products, Sentry maintains GMP validated temperature storage as a core competency.
  • Packaging - Sentry BioPharma Services drives value into labeling, packaging and kitting solutions by managing work flow, cost and the exacting requirements of clients.
  • Distribution - Sentry provides scalable clinical trial and commercial pharmaceutical drug distribution globally.
  • Foreign Trade Zone - Sentry's active Foreign Trade Zone status supports import optimization and control of biological and pharmaceutical products.
  • Import/Export Solutions - Sentry’s qualified channel program can help you transport worldwide your high-value drug product, securely and without negative impacts on drug SISPQ.
  • Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management - Sentry draws on its biopharma manufacturing experience and qualified vendors to design and implement domestic and global supply chain solutions.
  • Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Security - Sentry’s state-of-the-art physical and data security measures protect your valuable pharmaceutical materials and information.
  • Vaccine Storage & Distribution - Sentry’s services ensure proper vaccine storage, rotation, accurate tracking and proper distribution of vaccines for routine fulfillment or pandemic response.
  • Clinical Trials - Sentry specializes in temperature-sensitive drug product storage, labeling, kitting and effective distribution for clinical trials worldwide.
  • Pharmaceutical Life Cycle Management - As a valued supply chain partner, Sentry oversees storage, distribution, data administration, project management, security and pharmaceutical reverse logistics.
  • Custom Solutions - Sentry’s team offers a pragmatic approach to collaborate with its biotech clients, solving complex issues surrounding temperature-sensitive drug products.
  • API Management - Sentry’s experienced team strives to limit the probability and impact of loss, providing superior protection for high-value ingredients, excipients and APIs.
  • Controlled Substances - The DEA licenses Sentry to store, distribute, manage returns, recall and manage destruction of Schedule III-V controlled substances.
  • GSA Schedule - Sentry BioPharma Services maintains a GSA Logistics Worldwide Supply Schedule Contract, allowing Sentry to provide GMP, best-in-class solutions.

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