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  • Lynne M. Wells - On my 2nd month - still waiting for results

    Didn't lose my first month. Hoping to lose some during this second month. My sister-in-law has lost 10 pounds using it.

  • Premkumar - Good Reliever for your Muscle Pain

    I have to say I was skeptical about this Cellulite Cream.Aside from hard workouts I applied it on the entirety of my thighs and bottom cheeks, not too thin and it spread pretty well. After time was up I was pretty impressed! My skin was not only very soft but looked significantly better after this one use! I also noticed there was no greasy, or oily residue or anything left over at all on my skin so I can just put my pants back on afterwards. I will be very excited to see what would come of it after using this product for an extended period of time. I will also use this product on other parts of my body (even if it's not really needed) just because this feels really great on your skin/muscles! I would absolutely recommend this product if you have areas with cellulite, dry skin, or achy muscles that need some soothing.

  • timothy - ... got try this some more but so far I like how it make me feel I got this product ...

    I got this product and I have try it for one day and see the images have more energy thin i had before so I got try this some more but so far I like how it make me feel I got this product for a discount and a review I have to come back in a few days to update my information

  • Anon - GREAT TV for the price. Probably the best buy for a 4K TV right now

    Well the smart remote is smarter than us, it took us a few days to figure it out! But now that we have the hang of it it's nice. The TV itself is great, good picture, good 4K upgrading quality, handy and easy to use menus for Amazon Video, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and direct streaming from a computer over WiFi. Sound quality is pretty good, but fluctuates widely depending on the channel/movie - it doesn't bother me, but husband wants to get external speakers, so knocked off a star for that. Very easy to hook up the cable box and other peripherals. Seems to have a good viewing angle width and height (we don't have our TV stand yet so the TV is on the floor, and it still looks good from the angle of the couch). A couple times the colors have seemed not quite accurate (reds in particular start to look orangey), but that may depend on the quality of the show/video. There have only been a couple occasions where the smart remote couldn't handle the Fios menu and we had to break out the Fios remote, but mostly the TV remote can control everything on the cable without issues. Delivery guy brought it to the door and hooked it up, right on time.

  • Dave H. - My Wife thanks you Breathe Right --- we all sleep better because of this product.

    Got these as a present from wife because lately I had been snoring worse than usual and keeping her up at night. I don't know how to fully describe it but when I sleep I usually have to partly breathe through my mouth....if I try to sleep with my mouth closed I almost feel like I am not getting enough air through my nose. About 30 seconds after putting the fist Breathe Right on it was as if I could suddenly breathe deeply....the result was almost instant. By the time I laid down in bed I could easily breathe fully through my nose without opening my mouth at all. As a mouth breather it was a weird sensation but a good one. 7 nights later and the snoring has pretty much fully stopped. I have been sleeping better and feeling more rested when I get up and more importantly my wife has been a lot happier in the mornings! I now understand why athletes would want to wear these all the time for sporting events.....they make that much of a noticeable difference in your breathing.

  • V. C. Callan - Thorough

    This is an overview of the many options available for taming your taxes. It is not necessary to read the entire book cover-to-cover in order to learn something new. The chapter and section division allow you to jump around to find the specific sections that apply to your individual situation. I found it highly useful and thought-provoking.

  • Jon A. Bexell - It will be a great case in the winter when being oversized is okay

    This thing is really thick, but the way it opens in the back with a magnetic fold is genius. It will be a great case in the winter when being oversized is okay.