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  • C. Wickline - Deep Conditions!!!

    Ok so let me tell you first and foremost. Full disclosure here…..even though I got this item at a discounted price with shipping and everything. I would never let that sway my opinion in either direction. I believe in being completely honest when I review a product. We’re all consumers here, and I depend on other people’s review of products before I buy them. So rest assured you will get my honest opinion and feedback! After all – it’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it so why not!?

  • Angie Fontenot - Ingredients are not what is listed on Amazon!

    The actual ingredients are not what is listed on Amazon. I ordered this product because the #2 ingredient under IMPORTANT INFORMATION was Glycolic Acid. When I received the product, it was not listed at all. NONE of the ingredients were similar. VERY DISAPPOINTED and will not order any more Perricone Products!

  • AZ Dreamer - Love this Smartwatch

    Oh my this was the most perfect gift for my grandson. He was so thrilled with this. He just kept looking and playing with this VTech Smartwatch.

  • Ahmed - Muslim halal and Jewish kosher problem.

    It is a very nice product in its function and design. It tastes very nice and kids love it and has a lot of healthy benefits. However, one of the ingredients is not okay to some cultures or religions. The "gelatin" they are using is "pork" and that is not ok for both Muslims and Jews. Therefore, they must know before they can buy it, and many dont read ingredients only after buying. Some candies such as "marshmallow" write in big letters whether it is "pork" gelatin or from different source. This is a quotation text from their email to me "We do use gelatin in our gummy vitamins which is derived from pork". I am one of those discover after buying.

  • C. Johnson - Super Disappointing

    After doing a lot of research on which internet security system to purchase I decided to take a risk (for me) and not purchase Mcaffee or Norton but I gave Kaspersky a try. Well I have had this on my computer for about a month and last week I got a virus that took over and changed my web browser and started displaying all types of advertisements any time I opened internet explorer. Kaspersky did not block the virus. I had Kaspersky do a complete scan and it detected absolutely nothing; yet I knew something was wrong. After doing a bit more research, I opted to download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware FREE version and after 4 minutes it detected 9 threats and removed them easily. My laptop now runs as smoothly as it did when I purchased it 5 months ago. Honestly, I don't know if this security system is doing anything at all. I will not repurchase and I actually want a refund.

  • momx2 - Can't live without it

    This product has literally changed my life. I know that sounds crazy, but it has. It has no calming effect on me, does not put me to sleep (which I would love for it to do), but it has been extremely helpful with intestinal issues. I had struggled for years with those issues, but once this was recommended to me and I tried it, everything changed. I make sure to NEVER run out of this, it's that helpful. It's one of those things that I would run out to the natural foods store late at night to buy if I had to.