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  • Anthony Mitchell - Billy Bob at his BEST

    Billy Bob Thornton gives an excellent performance in this one as Billy McBride, a washed up prosecutor who gets offered a case about a certain employee of a large defense company blowing up on his boat in the ocean in what is claimed to be a suicide but clearly there are signs it was not. The shows delves into the case one layer at a time, peeling back the crime, but also peeling back a heck of a lot of character. McBride is classic Thornton- very much a jerk on the outside but tender on the inside. William Hurt plays the villain role here, but don't let the half-burnt face, odd glasses and dark, red office fool you. He's much more than a cardboard villain. Like all the characters in this show, he is well developed and complex. The acting and writing are all solid on this one. It's NOT TO BE MISSED!

  • mara - It works!

    Evolv arrived very quickly, and has worked all summer without having 1 flea, tick, or bug problem for my little Chihuahua. I love knowing she's protected without the constant use of a toxin....I hope it's soon more readily available in stores. Great stuff.