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  • Adam - Game play like the Last One, With Welcome Enhancements.

    I am loving the game. If you liked the last one, you will love this one as well. Layout and controls are the same, with some additional GOOD tweaks. Reload on X, like Y for Overwatch. Difficulty is amped up, so don't get too attached to your guys. Only down side I have is loading seems to take forever. But once loaded everything moves smooth. As a side note I got the Reinforcement Pack included in my physical copy. The addition of creating custom troopers outside the main game is cool.

  • Slconfidential - Retouched Photos Hide the Truth

    I have before me the catalog with all their products. What I find odd is that the before and after photo of the person using Lip and Eye product has been retouched. I placed A to E marks on the darken eye photo and POOF, the now full of light photo shows, shows up with the same area I marked...the eyebrows.....perfect match. This tells me, the product used does not work, because why do a retouch? Funny about the "miracle photo", is the the iris of the eye is in the middle of the eye socket position, which means they pull the skin down, so the wrinkles would not appear and did touch up.

  • davido - Fantastic value for a 1920x1080 monitor with HDMI.

    I bought this monitor primarily for my Raspberry PI3, but also to use as a 3rd monitor at work and at home, as needed. My criteria were: must be 1920x1080, must have HDMI input, must be lightweight enough that I can move it to where I need it, and must be inexpensive. This was the least expensive monitor I could find to provide HDMI and 1920x1080.