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RT Welter - Medical Coding, Billing, Documentation, Credentialing, Healthcare Management, ICD-10, Webinars - Medical Coding, Billing, Documentation, Credentialing, Healthcare Management, ICD-10, Webinars

  • http://rtwelter.com/services/ Services | R.T. Welter and Associates - Billing & Accounts Receivable Management Services, New Account Startup, Coding and Documentation, Contract Management, Practice Assessment and Management.
  • http://rtwelter.com/icd-10-training-for-physicians-and-hospitals/ ICD-10 Training for Physicians and Hospitals - ICD-10 implementation date is set for October 1, 2014. Learn more about ICD-10 Training for Physicians and Hospitals. Contact us today to schedule your personalized session.
  • http://rtwelter.com/practice-assessment-and-management/ Practice Assessment and Management - Our practice assessment and support services will keep you educated on the business side of medicine, help your practice reach new goals, and help you put your practice on the right path for increased cash flow, profitability and efficiency.
  • http://rtwelter.com/client-accounting-services/ Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Financial Controls β€” RT Welter & Associates - RT Welter & Associates offers personalized accounting services designed to help you identify opportunities for increased profitability and growth.
  • http://rtwelter.com/new-practice-start-up/ New Practice Start-Up - Whether a physician is starting a new practice or relocating the current practice, ourservices will get the practice up and running successfully.
  • http://rtwelter.com/independent-review-organization/ Independent Review Organization with R.T. Welter and Associates - R.T. Welter Associates, Inc. is one of a select few organizations in the country that provides CIA reviews as an independent review organization.
  • http://rtwelter.com/marketing-website-design/ Marketing, Creative and Website Design Services - Giving a new fresh look to a brand or website is important and necessary in today's environment.
  • http://rtwelter.com/public-health/ Public Health - The Affordable Care Act (ACA) brings monumental changes to overhaul the US healthcare system; these changes affect countrywide public health departments.
  • http://rtwelter.com/rural-health/ Rural Health | R.T. Welter and Associates - R.T. Welter and Associates has extensive knowledge in the areas of Rural Health billing and coding, credentialing and other reimbursement related issues.
  • http://rtwelter.com/education-conference-center/ Education Conference Center - Thank you for visiting our Education Conference Center (ECC). It's our goal to provide you with the best services and products in healthcare environment.
  • http://rtwelter.com/resources/ Resources - The E/M Coding Calculator is a resource designed to assist providers with appropriate code selection for evaluation and management services. This tool is a simplified version of the Novitas auditor’s instructions, and can be used as a guide to understand the evaluation and management coding and documentation guidelines.
  • http://rtwelter.com/education-conference-center-quickinar-library/ Education Conference Center Quickinar Library - You may find infromation from R.T. Welter and Associates in our Education Conference Center Quickinar Library, including healthcare news updates and more.
  • http://rtwelter.com/certified-professional-coder-preparation-course-certification/ Certified Professional Coder Preparation Course & Certification - We offer a Certified Professional Coder Preparation Course for managers, billing personnel and other interested medical personnel.
  • http://rtwelter.com/testimonials/ Testimonials for R.T. Welter and Associates - View numerous customer and client testimonials about R.T. Welter and Associates here.
  • http://rtwelter.com/links/ Helpful & Industry Links | R.T. Welter and Associates - R.T. Welter and Associates Industry Links - physician organizations/associations, healthcare organizations, clearinghouses, and more.
  • http://rtwelter.com/news-blog/ News Blog | R.T. Welter and Associates - At our blog, you can find the latest healthcare news and updates about R.T. Welter and Associates.

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