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  • Under the Empryean Sky, - Hidden, Book One

    This book was interesting, but lacking in many ways. I think I would like to see more of this author's work because it does seem she is creative and committed. But in her first novel she tripped over several areas that are likely traps for new authors. The hardest to overcome were all the characters in the book. There were so many people it was tough to remember who they were or what part they played. For example, the appearance of Lacey's ex husband had no value added to the story. He was just another jerk in her life in the presence of many other jerks. You already had the strange relationship with her ex- boyfriend for the jealousy effect.. and this relationship ended bizarrely out of the blue. The appearance of Kelly is still unbelievable. Perhaps these characters would be better carrying a storyline of their own, not shoved in the pages of Lacey's story. Good luck with follow up books.

  • BellaLea - A great fantasy romp

    I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this foray into the supernatural. Shifters? Check. Fey? Check. Wizards? Check. Phenomenal cosmic powers? Check. Cheeky and irreverent dialogue? Check. All swirled together with a fast paced tale of forgotten lore, magical secrets, villains, feisty heroes and a healthy dose of humor. I am so hooked and eagerly looking forward to the next installment.

  • Lynn - I love this book

    I love this book. It was suspenseful which I really love in a book. Haley had one night with Luke. She leaves to fulfill her dream of becoming a pastry chef. It's not all its cracked up to be so she decides to move back to Willow Creek. Only to find out things are not the way she left them. Steam factor 5. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book

  • 2 old 4 braces - Organizational Necessity

    I never seem to have enough of these. The bank gives you 1,000,000 checks and only one check register. These are just like the ones you get from the bank. Great price!

  • Tacoma Guy - This is a "safe" bet!

    No longer do I worry about leaving my truck parked in a unfamiliar area and having my valuables gone when I return. I know a smash and grab is always possible, but now I feel better that any would be degenerate theif will be sorely dissapointed if they so choose to pick my truck! I can drop my iPod, Oakley's, or whatever else I don't want to carry with me in the Vault and know for sure they will be there when I get back to the truck.

  • Ethan - It would be cool to dance without them

    My daughter preferred the songs from 2014 (PS3). The PS4 doesn't seem to work too well without the MOVE controllers, so she always uses those. It would be cool to dance without them, but she hasn't had much luck that way.