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  • b4real - wow coolest floatation island ever!

    Ok so we have two waverunners that we like to run around in this little lake by us. When we take breaks we bring them into the tiny little dock/ beach area. We are always jealous of the "boat peeps" that get to dock and chill out on the water. Now we are able to tow this island into the middle of the lake- tie off our waverunners to them- tie off our tube and throw my sons wakeboard into it- it is PERFECT!!!

  • Richard R Baisch - If it worked for more than a couple of months at a time it my be worth a paper weight. I have two the will not hold up for ****

    I have re-turned two of them in less than a year they do not work all the time. Then when stop working all receipt tied up in their software you have spend another 500.00. to edit your receipt and expense reports. I hope you will never buy this product. Just think I have a half year of tax receipt that can't be re-edited. I guess my time is worth nothing because I have start all over again. PS I rated it a star because they will not post without at least one star.

  • njudge28 - Doesn't work

    I've been using this product along with the conditioner and thickening treatment for a year and canNOT see any difference in my hair. It is not better than any product you can purchase at the drug store. I would not waste any more money on it.

  • Sean Bennick - Hard to digest

    After only 18 minutes in the microwave, the book caught fire. It did have a nice smoky flavor, but the middle chapters caused some paper cuts on my tongue.

  • Cami - This stuff is amazing. Our house sat vacant for 3 years before ...

    This stuff is amazing. Our house sat vacant for 3 years before we moved in and there was a serious bug problem. We have treated 3 times, but I think it is because we are having to play massive catch up with the bug population. I would recommend this to anyone!