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  • Jennifer N. Locklear - Awful

    I was pregnant with my first child & used this product religiously with no results. I am now treating extensive stretch marks that this product failed to help prevent.

  • William Betzing - Not a good program. It does not recognize 1/3 of a ...

    Not a good program. It does not recognize 1/3 of a cup. Takes the amount when you input it but converts it to 1/2 cup when you view the recipe. What kind of recipe program doesn't recognize 1/3 cup? Heavy and difficult to use and find recipes you downloaded. Also backs up to your own hard drive so you need to keep a thumb drive or other external hardware around so if your hard drive crashes you don't loose all your work. Archaic. I sent two contact tickets to ask them questions but were ignored. Don't buy it. Look for an alternative program. Heck, recipe cards would be better!

  • Gary Woodsmith - Great performance/price ratio

    Installed this item on a Core i5 2500k and have been using it for some time now. After monitoring it's temps after several hours of Prime95 and other programs, I am very satisfied with this item. i purchased this for 36 dollars, at that price point it is one of the best heatsinks I have heard of. Consistently gets great reviews from professional sites, which is the main reason I bought it. Temps for my system was around 25-30celsius idle and 45-54c avg on full load with Arctic Silver 5 TIM. Temps were taken from program core temp v1.0.

  • hkingsley203 - Fussy at 3 weeks old- solved the problem for both my babies

    This is my second baby now that has a dairy allergy so she is the second baby I have put on this formula. At 3 weeks old she started getting really fussy. I took her to the doctor to get her poo tested for blood. This confirmed that she was having food allergies. With my first I didn't know to do this until she was screaming bloody murder from 11pm to 3 an every night. This formula is amazing. I believe it is the only formula that provides relief for this somewhat common condition.