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  • HobieSchmobie - Like my Yonanas

    Like my Yonanas. Makes delicious treats...go easy on the berries. I like 'em best with bananas, peaches, apples, pineapple and a little bit of dark chocolate. Simple clean-up takes about a minute then into the dishwasher. 4 stars because you have to freeze the bananas 24 hrs. first.

  • Eustace_Haney - Seems like pretty good stuff.

    As I come to a certain age, I've become more aware of the things I use daily as they affect my physiology. Specifically, in this case, shampoo. I'm not bald or particularly thin on top, but like most everyone else, my hair is positively thinning as I age. Such is nature. So I've been trying to use more "natural" alternatives, with the thought that perhaps I can keep from accelerating the thinning process by using a sulfate free shampoo. It's my understanding that sulfates in shampoo, while aiding in sudsing, can also be somewhat strenuous on the ol' follicles. I started with Burts Bees shampoo, and while I liked it, it seemed to leave my hair feeling a bit stripped out. Eventually I needed to look for a replacement and a few searches recommended this as a potentially scalp healthy shampoo.