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  • Sarah A - Fits Graco Click Connect carseats

    This fits Graco Click Connect 35 car seats. I called BOB and they said this has been safety tested for Graco Click Connect.

  • Laurel Knecht - Love it!

    Works perfectly with Graco snap n lock style. Easily inserted and removed. Very glad I got for my newborn. Love it!

  • Alexander - Fits both cans AND bottles!

    This Can Cooler does the job. It fits both cans and bottles like a glove. It’s very heavy duty- I feel like I could take the coozie into battle with a few dozen zombies and walk out alive. The rugged metal looks sharp as well. I tend to drink my beverages very quickly so they usually don’t get very warm, but the drinks I used with the coozie kept plenty cold for me. I mainly use it for cans and I highly enjoy the rubber seal on the top of the cooler that keeps the cold condensation from the can away from my hands. However, when screwing the top of the cooler over a can, if the can is dry, there can be some friction between the can and top that causes a harsh scraping noise. It does not affect the utility of the cooler, but it slightly annoying. The few times that I used the cooler with a bottle, I noticed that it could get slightly top heavy and if you had one too many drinks, could cause a problem with a slip of the hand. However, the bottle, like the can, fit perfectly and kept plenty cold. Overall, I’d give this cooler a 4 out of 5 stars.

  • fishmagik - Solid product and very easy to install!

    A solid product at a fraction of the price that my Honda dealer wanted to charge me. A buddy and I installed these in about two (2) hours on a Saturday morning....with no issues. I got a Thule rack and took it across the country for Spring Break this year with no issues. Very, very impressed with the look and engineering of this product.

  • C. Lewis - This unit turned out to be perfect for my needs

    I purchased this power bank to provide backup power for watching movies on my phone during long plane trips. This unit turned out to be perfect for my needs. It has great styling, design and functionality. Very nice device. The output amperage is good with enough power to charge my phone while watching movies. I tested the capacity of the bank by charging my empty cell phone. This bank has enough capacity to complete four full charges. I am very pleased with this purchase.