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  • Housewife - Lovely!

    These brushes are wonderful! They are dense but so soft! I use the smaller brushes for my eye shadows and to blend small areas. They leave a lovely blend. These are by far my favorite brushes! I have no issues with the handles or hair fibers falIing off as i tend to see with a lot of reviews of other products. I am just so happy with them!

  • Derek & Sarah - because I hate bugs.

    I haven't seen it do anything yet, however it's only been a week. I hope it's doing it's job as I haven't seen many bugs/pest on the level that the pest repeller is placed on. Not sure how this thing works, but praying it does.. because I hate bugs.

  • James S. Kelley - No Science in the Writing

    The book lacks the elements I have grown to treasure. There are no illustrations,no tables,no graphs. There are no boxes for emphasis,no introductions and no conclusions. There are teasers to each article without much content. There is no obvious website to update the content and no source for power points to help pass the material on to others. Some of the originals are available on the web,without pay wall and have the same defects. Randomly opening the book,you fined a historian attacking a scientist,mostly ad hominem, for being skeptical of Islam????