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  • jules030996 - St Louis Cardinals DVD

    A great gift for a St Louis fan, arrived without any problems! My nephew is a huge fan, and was so excited when he opened this on Christmas!

  • Dennis M. Phelan - Very satisfied with the results

    Not being a real big "do it yourself"'er, I was very hesitant about doing this project by myself. The final result was fantastic. I couldn't be more pleased.

  • Alexander Szostek - and felt like I was overheating

    Definitely start out slow using this product. Wait at least a week before taking before 2 servings in the morning. I took 2 serving in the morning before I should have, and felt like I was overheating; nothing too serious, but a little uncomfortable. I guess my only complaint is that I think I built up a tolerance too quickly; but I tend to consume a lot caffeine anyways.

  • mike surline - Amazing power for the price!

    Only downside is the factory charging system in my truck. lol This amp does suck a lot of power.This thing is killer on my two 16 Kicker cvr's! And rms room for more subs or a sub upgrade in the future.

  • heather - Small but spacious and strong!

    This duffel is adorable! I use it as a gym bag and love how easy the lining is to wipe clean since it always has work out shoes/sandals going in and out of it. I'm a huge fan of Lysol wipes and they work great! The bag looks nice and compact, but has plenty of room for a pair of shoes or 2, a towel, shower stuff, wallet, etc. It's definitely more spacious than it looks! The hardware looks and feels like it will last. It's the perfect duffel for a weekend trip too!

  • Janice Mitchell - A Must Have

    I completed my certification in Medical Billing and Coding and this is a good book to have for your personal reference library.

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