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Medical Anomaly Since 1991 - 24 year old female, Spoonie. Chronic Daily Migraine w/o Aura. Narcolepsy. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Manic Depressive. Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Spinal Disc Herniation. OCD. IBD. GERD....

  • Medical Anomaly Since 1991 - ibsprince-ss: “Let me just say that IBS counts as a chronic illness? There’s people out there making IBSers feel like they don’t belong? Reblog if you think IBS is a valid chronic illness please! ”
  • Medical Anomaly Since 1991 - When you are low on spoons… - When you are low on spoons... arthritisandme: “ And every task you complete takes longer than the last… And as your pain begins to increase… You try to cover up any visible signs… But then fatigue...
  • Medical Anomaly Since 1991 : Photo - Post anything (from anywhere!), customize everything, and find and follow what you love. Create your own Tumblr blog today.
  • Medical Anomaly Since 1991 - thefaultinourspoons: “ Typical spoonie birthday: a doctors appointment. ”
  • Medical Anomaly Since 1991 - To all my fellow chronic illness friends: - To all my fellow chronic illness friends: fragilitis: “ “No means No” does not only apply to sex. If you tell someone you are unable to do something (because you are unable to, you feel it may cause...
  • Medical Anomaly Since 1991 - Chronic Countdown - Chronic Countdown fibro-larious: “ When you’re chronically ill, time gets away from you. Bad days turn into bad weeks. (“I’ve been in bed since Monday ugh.”) Bad weeks turn into bad months. (“Wait,...
  • Medical Anomaly Since 1991 - lickgold: “ “Wanna hangout?” Actually, I have to do something in a few weeks so I need to stay home and rest until then, thanks though! ”
  • Medical Anomaly Since 1991 - Don’t You Dare Call Me Lazy. - Don't You Dare Call Me Lazy. fibro-larious: “ Sleeping in late does not equate to laziness. Those of us with chronic illnesses are not “lucky” to get to spend more time in bed. Those of us with...
  • Medical Anomaly Since 1991 - “Sorry doctor, for not being a typical textbook case. Sorry for making you think outside the box and beyond typical conditions. …Sorry, I’m actually not sorry. Please do your job.” - what I wish I...

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  • Braelyn S. - Some great quality, others okay.

    I purchased this to help store away winter clothes and bedding during the summer months in North Carolina. I have a tiny house, and when it's 95 degrees at 8 AM, I don't want to dig through all the sweaters in my closet to find a blouse to wear to work. So I was really excited when the first few bags I filled up compressed perfectly and snuggled underneath my bed for storage. However, a few of the bags seemed to have a loose seam or a faulty sealer ring around the pump port. After a day or two, some of the bags had inflated again while others remained perfectly compressed. I love the bags I ended up with that actually work, but since I bought a set of multiple bags and only some of them work...3 stars!

  • Will - GAINZ

    Got it for $5 as a promotion I assume. Wow, I say this is the best protein bar I've had. Quest Bars, Pure Protein, Met RX Big 100, MusclePharm. Fitjoy wins. Great taste and easy to chew. Finally found a protein bar that won't break my jaw.

  • Bill Casey - Another "Can't Put It Down" Read

    A welcome addition to the Sanford library - off-beat, funny, police procedural featuring the ever popular Virgil F***ing Flowers with a supporting cast of tigers, fireflies, and a family from Glendale, California. Good times, good read.