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  • Stephanie - Got Pain.... Try this!!!!

    I am on my 2nd bottle of the 1500 mg of turmeric. I have torn labium's in both hip joints, a running injury. I have had this since 2012. I am 49 yr old female. I had cortisone shots that didn't work and was taking an arthritis med that over a long term will not be good for my liver. I take 3 capsules of Schwartz turmeric 3x a day and feel the benefits. I would and have recommended this product to my friends. If you decide to try this product, you have to give it some time to build in your system. You will feel benefits right away but over time, you will find yourself missing a dose because you do not have much discomfort. If you read up on the benefits of Turmeric, you will see many more than anti-inflammatory - mood, skin Please read un on this amazing spice!

  • Dr. Roger H. Allen - First-Rate Product Overshadows Similar Offerings

    The product works as advertised and functions with the expertise of creatively outstanding technical professionals. I have been a WebRoot subscriber for several years and plan to rely on the company, its products, and its impeccable service as long as I use a computer.

  • J. Sanchez - She loves it!

    I ordered this product for my mother (along with her Chi) from Top Discount Beauty. Everything was smooth and timely with delivery. The product does what its supposed to. As a matter of fact, she said that her hair has never been so soft in her life - and this is a lady who attends to hair!

  • Becky Ponstein - Liam a bookie who is gorgeous, but hard as ...

    Liam a bookie who is gorgeous,but hard as ice, dut deep down has a heart of gold. He just doesn't let anyone know. Elizabeth is determined not to rely on anyone for anything. The death of Elizabeth's to father brings her home from school and finds Liam has been given everything. They jave never met and are both grieving the loss, but she is angry and doesn't want anything to do with him. He wants her and will do everything for her to give him a chance.

  • mattersiam - Perfect fit! Traps sand & snow great & feels ...

    Perfect fit! Traps sand & snow great & feels secure. Easy to clean. Liquids have been a little challenging but it's better than soaking into the carpet. Having the ridges are better than an all smooth surface bc it helped when removing the mats when liquid was present.

  • J. Slezak - The Best Cookbook EVER!

    I love the concept of this book. Being widowed for the past 2 years, I found myself dreading managing meals every evening. Eating healthy became a chore and I would find myself snacking on junk food because the labor of daily cooking for myself and no one else was a reminder every day of my loss. I love the fact I don't have to come up with a shopping list and in one single day of just a few hours I have complete HEALTHY meals for the rest of the week. So far the recipes are delicious, lots of flavor. I am happily anticipating cooking my way through all 4 seasons. This is the cookbook I have been searching for my entire cooking life.