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  • Amazon Customer - It seems the developer has lost interest

    I have been using Living Cookbook for ten or more years and have purchased several updates on more than one computer in that time. I STILL USE IT EVERY DAY and am still happy with it.

  • Paul D. Pansegrau - Stay away! Almost as bad as a killer virus!

    I received the free upgrade as Intego stopped supporting the previous version. While the previous version was reliable and trouble free, this version isn't. My computer will join networks, but it takes longer and longer to actually transmit or receive data over the network. The most recent time was 30 minutes, and I still couldn't get to the internet!

  • Maria V. Medina - This is the best supplement for me

    This is the best supplement for me . I am using it for 6 mos and my reading glasses is 250 it went down to 150.