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  • Elakshi - Not Foxbrim's best product...won't buy again

    Maybe I didn't use this cream long enough, because I couldn't detect any visible improvement. I also don't like the intense, almost offensive, smell of this product. The essential oils this cream contains are very strong, and they are the reason that it smells like a medical foot cream...

  • Diane - irulu 10.1 Android

    This was such a great purchase. The tablet has worked perfectly since we started playing with it. Wasn't sure if my hubby would enjoy a tablet, but he sure does. the free apps are so enjoyable. No problems with this system so far. Very very nice and the company IRULU has contacted us twice to be sure all is well.

  • GNSays - Effective but causes a strange side effect

    I have always suffered from bad breath. When my new boyfriend was constantly telling my breath was "stinky" nearly every other day, I decided I needed to do something about it. He didn't like approaching me for kisses, and shied away from me when I spoke at times. Finally, I found something that worked for me. I have been using it for almost a month and haven't heard ONE "your breath is stinky" comment since the first time I used Breath Appeal. Now the bad news: because of the oxidizing agent in this product, it can cause dry mouth which leads to a condition known as "furry tongue". I'm surprised I haven't seen any other comments regarding this side effect. I noticed it a few days ago and this morning, while scraping my tongue, I realized it was getting worse; I couldn't deny that my tongue definitely looked "furry". I think I'll have to use this product once a day in addition to rinsing with hydrogen peroxide, which is what the Mayo Clinic suggests. It's considered a completely benign condition, nothing to be worried about, but I don't want it to get worse, and I can even FEEL the furriness. Even if nobody else will notice it, I'm completely disgusted. Other than that, it HAS solved my bad breath problem.

  • juanitap - best coozie

    I ordered and received this coozie at a discount in exchange for my honest review, I have a grandson that because if his medical reasons must remain cool and hydrated si we are constantly carrying a small cooler si that he can have cool water readily when needed, well I seen thus and decided to give it a try I can honestly say that his water remained cold in the bottle all the time we were out and about, no need to have to get a new bottle,so when we went to see his brother play at the field we took it along I also took a cooler along since we would be sitting outside for several hours the face lasts 2 hours but we must get there an hour early so that he can stretch, well there was no need to get another bottle out of the cooler it remained cool until he finished it and put another bottle in it I really like this and am glad we bought this I hear raves about other products like this but never purchased any because of the price but think this works as well.

  • LarryLMedina - Stopped leak in 2000 Ford Explorer

    I was driving away from school when I felt something wasn't right with my truck (2000 Ford Explorer). I looked at the dashboard for any warning indicators and sure enough, the temp gauge was nearly in the red. I immediately pulled over to see that both the radiator and reserve tank were bone-dry. Holy crap.

  • Teresa Burk - Works as described.

    I purchased this item for my son, who wanted to try shaping his own beard, instead of having to get it shaped at the barbers.