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Oregon Pain Center: Portland Pain Management Clinic - We are a pain management clinic located in Portland, Oregon. Serving the greater Portland area for treatment of a variety of pain conditions

  • https://oregonpaincenter.com/schedule-appt Schedule an Appointment - Request an appointment to our Portland Pain Management clinic by visiting this page. Oregon Pain Center serves the Greater Portland area.
  • https://oregonpaincenter.com/scope-of-practice Scope of Practice - We utilize the Four Pillar approach to treating a variety of pain conditions. Find out more about our Portland Pain Management Practice here.
  • https://oregonpaincenter.com/staff Meet the Staff - Find out more about our Portland Pain Management Clinic, our staff and their studies, philosophies, and interests.
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    City: -119.688 Oregon, United States

  • Chris - We enjoy the taste and it's a great healthy alternative

    My husband and I purchased these to replace drinking sodas for a pick me up. We enjoy the taste and it's a great healthy alternative. I wish it was a little bit more of a pick up.

  • Linda M. - The 2015 edition is still useful, but I was very disappointed to find that ...

    I bought this volume to update my 2004 edition. The 2015 edition is still useful, but I was very disappointed to find that the "composer" and "cinematography" indexes, which have been included in previous editions, have been omitted in this new one.

  • Swiss Engineer - Very Satisfied with the NR-240A

    I am not a plumber. I am an engineer and very handy around the house. I installed a Navien NR-240A in September 2011. So far the unit has run flawlessly (Jan 2013). The only issue i experienced is with the Condensate Neutralizer which is an accessory you purchase separately and add to the condensate output line to neutralize the acidity of the condensate. Somehow after 9 months of use, the condensate filter had a hard time keeping up with the condensate flow rate and had to be replaced ($75). I am at my second filter that i need to replace. But this part is independent of the tankless heater. Most people probably don't care that much and let the water with an acidic PH go down the drain.

  • Matt G. - Very slim, Quality sub-par

    Quality lacks a little, the bracket metal is a little bit thin and flimsy when assembled. Personally I would not push the limits of this TV mount.

  • Sajan Abraham - game changer

    I started with the smaller kreg jig that you would have to clamp and reclamp on to the wood to make pocket holes. This makes things so much more precise and easy. It allows me to get through my projects a lot faster. I like to call it dummy proof, but there's still a little thinking/planning involved when using it, but compared to my original jig, I'd say it's pretty dummy proof!