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  • Patricia G. - I was impressed how fast they came and how easy they were to put on my jeep

    I was impressed how fast they came and how easy they were to put on my jeep! They do the job I wanted them to do... :)

  • jenbenn - It's a relationship

    Owning a Le Creuset pot is akin to having a relationship. It gets better over time. This is an item you will treasure, clean lovingly, appreciate and use with pleasure. I have several brands of cast iron and Le Creuset is by far the best in terms of quality, and the design is exquisite. Nothing beats cast iron, and for cooking casserole-type dishes with tomato or other acid foods, the enamel coating is wonderful.

  • Lucia - Kept me Hooked

    This season was pretty good, not my favorite season but definitely kept me hooked till the end. I can't wait for next season and I'm hoping for more steamy scenes... this season was lacking in that department. The character development is interesting and I enjoy the wisdom they glean from their lives.