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  • Pamela Cummings - My husband has a bad back, herniated disk and needs a back brace ...

    My husband has a bad back, herniated disk and needs a back brace with lumbar support. This is just what he was looking for. I highly recommend other to try this back brace. Thank you so much.

  • Russell - Works great!

    Have only been using this product for a couple of weeks. Both my girlfriend and I love it. My hair was thinning upfront and I can already see it coming in thicker and hair that wasn't there is sprouting back up. Not mention it has a nice shine to it now. My skin feels softer as well. Both our nails have been growing like crazy too. Great product!

  • Noellex33 - my skin is like brand new

    I had some slight discoloration on my face from acne scarring and after two weeks of applying this once to twice a day, my skin is like brand new! The only problem I had was when applying this to my face, I covered my whole face including my eyes and that was a mistake. This has properties that causes a slight swelling (nothing noticeable) but the eyes are a sensitive area and it will make your eyes swell up. Like when you wake up, it'll look puffy like you were crying all night and really heavy. So if you apply this to your face, avoid the eye/under eye region and you're golden👍🏼

  • Jim Hood - Avery Durable View Binder with 2 Inch EZ-Turn Ring, White, 1 Binder (17032) (Office Product)

    Living in one of the bluest of blue states, Massachusetts, we men are quite accustomed to the fairer sex being a bit uppity and difficult to contain. Here, pretty little heads go crashing up through glass ceilings with regularity and it is not uncommon to hear lasses mouthing off demanding equal pay for equal work. So imagine my delight when I discovered the Avery Durable View Binder. Overnight I was able to restore order to the workplace filling my office shelfs with binders of women, all neatly contained. Thank you Avery.

  • Wendellyn - Great product!

    This is the best shampoo ever. My hair always used to look fried after I shampooed. Overly dry and lifeless but no more! I tried many conditioners an they never took care of the problem. Now I know it was just stripping way the natural oil that give shine and a healthy look to the hair. It's the best!

  • Andrew - Good book to get Information about Universities to help make decisions about where you may want to attend College

    Really good book in giving you a feel for what each college is like and what their specialties are without actually going there and talking to anyone. And it isn't overladen with statistics that you can easily get from websites like collegedata.com.

  • Deb Oestreicher - Idiosyncratic selection

    This collection is a hodgepodge of stories, lists, illustrated fiction, and other stuff. One is not really certain of the criteria for inclusion here, except that most items are consistently enjoyable and surprising. The diversity of genres adds to the sense of surprise and pleasure.