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  • Blue Cat - Great shoe, but CHECK LIGHTS before giving to your kids!

    My boy (4) was excited for these shoes .. the fit is good -- they do have the "wow" factor..but had to return them the next day because the left shoe, the lights needed a lot of "force" to trigger the lights.. far more than the right shoe so decided to return and get another pair. Son was in tears - he didn't quite understand we were going to get a replacement pair. We got another pair and the lights work as expected. Buyer please test the shoes before giving to your kids to avoid meltdowns especially that there have been reviews of lights not working. For $50, you deserve EXCELLENT QUALITY shoes...

  • Shayna N. Traveler - Lovin' the Swiffer

    I am just lovin' this Swiffer Sweeper. I am 70 years old; have a bad back and am headed for back surgery next week so was trying to figure out how I could manage my wooden floors since I won't be able to push my vacuum for a few months. A friend suggested the Swiffer Sweeper. This thing is a blessing. So simple; easy and works beautifully on my floors.

  • Steven M - I thought it was suppose to be more than just misleadingTrump bashing

    The book is filled with half truths and outright lies. He claims in the book that Trump requested that the Russian's hack Hillary's server; Trump actually said that if the Russian's had Hillary's deleted emails that they should turn them over to the FBI. I watched him say it. The emails were already off-line and the emails had already been deleted. This is just one example. There are many other examples. The book is a transparent hit job.

  • Paula John - Harsh

    I found this product very harsh on my teeth. Having a similar name, I thought it would be like the whitening gel I had gotten from my dentist but had run out of. However, it was a totally different experience for me. While I had no discomfort using the other gel night after night, just one use of this product and my teeth hurt all the next day. I waited a few days and tried it again, and this time my teeth hurt lots for a few days, and then on and off for weeks. It apparently stripped some of my enamel, and I had to wait a long time for it to heal. It's a cheap product and on top of that it tastes bad. I would not recommend this to anyone.