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  • C.Y. Simpleton - Buyer Beware

    There is a reason why the box edition (no disc – card with download instructions only) is $27 while the regular download is $99. It does not include the 4 Premium Soundpools that are advertised on the product box (only the 6 Standard Soundpools get installed). Magix customer service says it refers to a couple of samples in the “live” application, but that’s just damage control. Those are not Soundpool sets.

  • Scott Jackson - Do not put this book on the nightstand

    This book is going to cost you sleep because you can read just one more before bed. Before you know it, you've read three more before bed. I also bought a copy for a co-worker and we've been comparing notes on our favorites. Tonight I start Now I Know More.

  • Love To Shop - Overall a great product to light up a walkway.

    Great lights for providing small amounts of light for a walk way. It could also be used if you just want a decorative light. I would not suggest this in place of an overhead light. I would then suggest a motion sensed light. I got these for a small walkway that has a motion sensed light on the porch, but these would add more light directly at the feet where the light from above would be obstructed by steps and plants. I slightly have them for decorative reasons too. I think if you are going to put that much time into making your walkway look nice with plants and decorations, why not add a little decorative lighting.

  • RHHJCHFL - Changed the formula

    Enjoyed the first bottle which was purchased on a cruise ship. Ordered a second, but, received one with a slightly different label & color. Investigating the ingredients revealed they had changed. A customer service agent stated that ingredients can change based on availability of organic herbs. The name/title of the bottle was the same as the one purchased on the ship.

  • Chipper - Best shave product I've found

    I shave my head and face every day and this is by far the best shave cream I have found. It is very lubricious yet the perfect consistancy to apply without causing a mess - I shave in the shower. Over the years I have tried dozens of every kind of shaving cream there is and I think this is the best.

  • J. Karst - Fantastic

    I am outside a lot and away from power outlets. This guy lets me keep my devices charged and off the grid while I am on campus day to day and while out camping. Charges fast, easy to use, and durable.

  • Rosemary Mullin - Very repetitive all the way through. A depressing story ...

    Very repetitive all the way through. A depressing story and when getting near end it still was doom and murder. Not recommended