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  • Zhiv - You would think that Intel will pair up with a more worthy partner

    I have been using McAfee since I got my first PC. For the first decade or more I felt confident it protected me from trouble. But in the last decade I have noticed a significant decline in quality of protection. I just got the most recent 2014 Total Protection. But even if it found an Artemis virus on my Dell it obviously cannot get rid of it... Worse yet, after detecting the virus and telling me they do not have a cure, they are offering additional services such as cloud back up (at a price), asif wanting to take advantage of my virus problem... Ludicrous!

  • Mutton - Extremely Bad

    We used this product to change the look of our white countertops into what we hoped would be a beautiful chocolate brown with flecks of gray, black, and tan. We watched the video on the Rust-Oleum site, we watched the DVD included with the kit, and we watched several independent youtube videos just to get a good understanding of each step of the process before we began. Here were the problems: 1. chips did not adhere uniformly and in some places left splotches uncovered 2. does not work well on any vertical surface (ie. edges of countertops or backsplash) 3. product dvd recommends taping off areas that need to be shielded from the product, and recommends removing tape after 4 hours. We followed this instruction to the minute, and when we pulled off the tape - it pulled the product mixture with it. This resulted in a jagged edge of our old white countertop showing through 4. Even in the areas where this product worked really well, the top layer of sealant ended up looking gloopy and uneven. In fairness, there are some spots on our countertops that did look exactly as we hoped. But overall, the glue just didn't hold the chips. This problem did not happen uniformly, but rather arbitrarily resulted in splotch sections with no chips. The DVD included with the kit suggested we purchase a touch up kit, but this problem is way beyond anything a touch up kit could repair. We will have to replace the whole countertop. And just as an aside, this product, in our opinion, is a total disaster. But if you insist on purchasing and trying your luck here are our recommendations. 1. use only on flat surfaces 2. remove sink for the entire process - to not reinstall until the week long drying period is compete 3. carefully cover base cabinets, appliances, and the floor. 4. when this project is complete - plan to repaint your walls. If you are doing a kitchen remodel you're probably planning to do this anyway. 5. It is extremely messy, the flecks go everywhere when spreading and sanding. 6. do not try this in the kitchen I contacted Rust-Oleum about all these problems, I have been waiting for a reply for the past 24 hours and so far have not heard from them. Our local Home Depot pulled the product from the store shelves. I wonder if they did that because they got tired or refunding customer money.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Software, Customer Support Difficult to Contact As If It Were By Design

    The software works very well however customer support is almost non-existent, and I've been trying to reach their customer support operation for several weeks now to resolve an inaccurate device count that the software is reporting via a personal security report (PSR). This software allows 3 installations. I've only installed it on one PC and had hoped to install it on my daughter's MAC. Finally found a working phone number to their customer support and was advised that they could NOT correct the inaccurate device count listed in the PSR. However, the device count listed in my online Webroot account is correct. I paid for a software program but also paid for the customer and tech support to back it up. You have to search to find the links and contact information to get customer support hence the one star.

  • Eclectic Reader - Very glad to have access to this without a Dr's visit

    I was not aware that Pyridium was available OTC. Very glad to have access to this without a Dr's visit.

  • Sharon L. Lacy - They look like new again and improve the overall appearance of our ...

    We used on 4 dark maroon shutters that get direct sun and are about 10-12 years old. They had faded a lot and had a whitish appearance. They look like new again and improve the overall appearance of our home. Would highly recommend.

  • Ellen - She loved it!

    My daughter has wanted to learn to play guitar for quite some time. She plays left-handed and that has been a problem with finding someone to teach her. Rocksmith has been a great tool to help her learn and it also is great for her visual learning style. It uses a positive approach that is not overwhelming.