Courage In A Time of Fear: | A Practical Guide to Ending Bullying - BULLY’D: A realistic behind the scenes look of the effect of bullying on kids. By combining documentary footage with a narrative storyline, BULLY’D speaks to parents, teachers, lawmakers, and the real people it affects: kids. Through the art of storytelling we hope to give a relevant and poignant look into the world of a child that is bullied and empower those who are standing by to speak up!

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  • amethystallison - Amazing!

    Amazing product that works great in a short period of time. My cat has a heart murmur and couldn't get much needed dental work. I had tried scraping at the plaque build up on his teeth with a dental tool, toothbrush, and fingernail with no result. I bought this gel, and less than a week later the deposit just fell right off with the scrape of my fingernail. My cat doesn't enjoy when I use the gel on him, but a couple minutes of displeasure will end up saving his teeth and his health. I highly recommend giving this a try!

  • Dameka - My new favorite couple 😍

    Let me just start off by saying that Nicole Jackson is one of the best authors out there! (Tell me otherwise and we might have to fight😂) When she releases a book, you know for a fact that you'll be getting 300+ pages. I have series from different authors on my kindle and it takes 4 of their books to compare to 1 of Nicole's books...let that sink in. This book was everything from start to finish. I laughed, cried, and laughed some more. Wale is BAE...but he and Key are definitely meant for each You get to see Keyasia in a totally different light. She's still hilarious but you'll also see the softer, more emotional side. (It's the Wiltz D😂) Thanks for another great book Nicole!! I'll forever be a loyal reader. Whenever you drop a book, I'm 1-clicking regardless of the cost.

  • T. Shoemaker - This really is a must read!

    What a wonderful story! Read The Magnolia Story and come away feeling like you love Chip and JoJo Gaines even more. For an autobiographical story, it is quite the page-turner. I love how it is written coming at times from Jo and other times from Chip (and my hat is off to Mark Dagostino for helping them to put it all together so beautifully). I couldn't wait to see what unfolded in their lives with each chapter. This couple has learned how to do it right and they are a great example for us all. Their story is inspiring. There are times you'll laugh out loud, and times you will have tears in your eyes. I can't say enough about how this story will touch your heart. Not only did it leave me with an even greater respect for them, but it made me marvel too. Their story shows how tenacity, faith, love and hard work can make dreams come true. I wish this family even more happiness and success as their journey continues and thank them for sharing their story. We need more people like the Gaines in this world.

  • Troy Goodman - For CAPM not for PMP preparation

    Andy's pmp book, QRG and flash card all are of low quality and should be used only for CAPM preparation. The questions are mostly pretty straight forward and you will never get these sort of questions in real pmp exam. Not a single topic is discussed with examples and has nothing much to do with real life project. QRG is missing important info and PITTOs. Flash card is simply useless as you can find the definitions in any pmp book in the glossary of terms section. No chapter reference or page number makes it extremely difficult to use it the second time. There are few excellent books and QRGs in the market that you can go for rather than wasting your money on these items.

  • Rita - great crockpot purchased on prime day

    great crockpot purchased on prime day. We use it at least twice a week. We are generally gone at work for about 12 hours a day. The stay warm feature on this crockpot is wonderful. We cook an 8 hour recipe for 6 hours on low and then it stays on "stay warm" for the remaining 6 hours. Turns out wonderful!

  • bekk - Helps With the Itch

    My son-in-law isn't going to shave until July (he's in a contest with his twin - that will make it 7 months with a full beard). I purchased this for him because I know it will help the itch that has already started to plague him. He says it not only helps with the dryness he is feeling but this oil makes the beard look more full, less straggly.