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  • CEllySaliNAs - must have mount

    I always wanted to mount my kids tv in their room just because of space limitations and this gave the chance to finally do just that. I self installed it but amazon offers the service to have them come to your home and do it for you for a fee of course. My husband use to work for best buy installations so he knew how to set it up. According to what he had to say is that it was simple. I love the way my tv looks mounted up. I received this tv mount at a discounted price in order to give my honest review and I can honestly say that I love it and well like a mount you can adjust the tv and move it around for visibility. A definite 5 stars for me because I love that they quality of the mount looks great you can tell its really tough and durable.

  • John G. - Kinks easily and overall NOT happy.

    Hose kinks easily and frequently. The first time I used it, it kinked when I was pulling some hose across the cement while washing my car. Right where the kink was dragged the cement and made the house start leaking the very first day I got the hose. This hose is in addition to other hose that I bought over 10 years ago and still none of them have ever leaked. I feel taken and would never buy another product like a hose on the web without being able to lay my hands on it to determine it's quality first.