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  • Sassy Sue - Very disappointed that I wasted $70 on this product that didn't even last a full month!

    I got this product as a suggestion from my Chiropractor to help with my inflammation in my back. I was really excited and ready to pay the $70 if it would help so I did. About 1 month after received it the lights started not working. They would all turn on at first and then as soon as I put it on my back all the red lights would go out. I thought it was just a fluke and changed the batteries and tried instead to plug it in. Nope, It doesn't work! So I went to return and get my money back and turns out there is only a 30 day return window. Crappy! Very disappointed that I wasted $70 on this product that didn't even last more than a month!

  • Jerry A. - A Fantastic Book on Keeping Healthy as Possible with today's Foods, if Cooked at HOME

    This Doctor knows what he is talking about, and my wife and I are proof of that. Basically we have been following good eating habits for many years, and I am 74 and my wife 71. We both are doing better than most who are in their 50's. We take no DRUGS, and my wife cooks fresh everything at home. We do all we can to avoid GMO foods, and will not eat or drink anything with HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP OR FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. This Doctor's book confirms basically all that we already do. We are just happy that a Doctor knows about these ways of keeping people HEALTHY...IF THEY WANT TO BE HEALTHY, AND NOT LAZY BY EATING PRE-PROCESSED FOODS, HEATED IN A MICROWAVE!

  • GiGi Owen - Good stuff!

    I was upset to learn that my go-to chest rub - the cream version of Vicks - was no longer available. I refuse to buy the greasy, messy stuff. This J.R. Watkins product was recommended to me via Amazon. I read the reviews and decided to take a chance on it as both my son and I were dealing with lingering sinus congestion and coughing. I'm glad I did! I put it on my chest for a few nights and am now congestion free. I noticed even that first night that my cough was much improved and I slept better. For those wondering about the texture: It is not a cream. It has the texture of shoe polish that you get in the tins. I like it because you don't scoop up more than you need and it's not messy! A little swipe over the product, and you really have a nice amount to work with. To me, it's better to feel like I need to add more, than try to wipe off too much as usually happens with "thinner" products. I would definitely recommend this! I'm looking at getting the spray version of this as well for use in the shower.

  • Kenneth W. Weigel - It Works

    Good gift for someone who has everything. On the scale of needs, this comes in close to last, but then I said, for the person who already has everything. A good way to waste time.

  • J. McTighe - This program is a piece of Garbage! DO NOT BUY

    This program is a piece of Garbage! DO NOT BUY! There is no way of printing the help section or knowledge base, so you can take advantage of the functionality. You must buy multiple licenses to use on multiple platforms. When you e-mail support, you quickly receive a response from Geoff explaining he is sorry to disappoint you, but you can't do something as simple as print out a help file. He suggested, I include it (my request) in a vote, so it may be included in the next revision, and then I can pay for that update! This company has produced a product not for the consumer, but for themselves. It is a waste of time and money.