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Mold Illness | Official Site Mold Medical Treatment - Specializing in Mold Illness, Mold “Mycotoxin” Exposure, Heavy Metals “Lead” Poisoning, Medical Treatment and Detoxification of Environmental Poisonings.

  • http://ntced.org/office-policy/ Office Policy - National Treatment Centers for Evironmental Disease - We have a “No Fragrance Office Policy”, our facility provides treatment for many people with sensory integration disorders and chemical sensitivities.
  • http://ntced.org/am-i-alone/ Am I Alone? | National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease - Centers for Environmental Disease - At NTCED we understand that a patient may have visited multiple health centers, doctors and medical facilities more information.
  • http://ntced.org/mold-sickness-diagnosis-treatment/ Mold Sickness Diagnosis & Mold Illness Getting Medical Treatment - What is Mold Sickness?  How Will Mold Illness Affect My Health? Where Can I get Competent Medical Treatment for Mold Exposure?
  • http://ntced.org/medical-testing/mold-blood-tests/ Mold Blood Tests National Treatment Centers for Evironmental Disease - Mold blood tests can be highly valuable in the diagnosis of mold exposure and mold sickness and can determine if fungal cultures are present in the blood.
  • http://ntced.org/medical-testing/mycotoxin-testing/ Mycotoxin Testing for environmental diseases - Mycotoxin testing of the human body is one of the most critical tests available if a person believes they have been exposed to mold.
  • http://ntced.org/medical-testing/dna-damage-testing-for-mold-exposure/ DNA Damage Testing for Mold Exposure | National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease - National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease utilizes DNA PCR testing for the advanced diagnosis and treatment of their patients.
  • http://ntced.org/medical-testing/hla-dr-gene-test/ HLA DR Gene Test - Environmental Disease - The HLA DR Gene test has extreme limitations in the amount of information it provides for both the patient and the physician.
  • http://ntced.org/medical-testing/cellular-stress-testing/ Cellular Stress Testing for environmental diseases - Cellular Stress Testing tests for Cellular Stress or Reactive Cellular Stress which is caused by mycotoxins in the human body.
  • http://ntced.org/diagnosing-mold-exposure/1-3-b-d-beta-glucans/ 1-3 B-D Beta Glucans - Mold Exposure - Mold exposure produces byproducts such as 1-3 B-D Beta Glucans, a "biomass" of the fungal / mold spore shell, inflammatory to the human body
  • http://ntced.org/diagnosing-mold-exposure/endotoxins/ Endotoxin, Endotoxins and Human Health - Endotoxins are toxins (poisons) that are released by bacteria into the environment, kept within the bacterial cell, released only after destruction of the cell wall.
  • http://ntced.org/symptoms-mold-exposure/ Mold Exposure Symptoms - Environmental Disease - Early Mold Exposure Symptoms are commonly reported with short-term or low levels of exposure to fungus, mold, mycotoxins, and mycobacteria.
  • http://ntced.org/mold-sickness-misdiagnosed/ Mold Illness, Mold Exposure, Mold Sickness Misdiagnosed  - Diagnosis of Mold Illness, Mold Sickness, or Mold Exposure can be Elusive. Mold Sickness Misdiagnosed, and Recklessly Categorized as Other Diseases.
  • http://ntced.org/diagnosing-mold-exposure/mold-co-exposures/ Mold Co-Exposures for Environmental Disease - Many patients have combination mold exposures (co-exposures) and have fungus/mold, yeast and pathogenic bacteria colonizing within their bodies, along with multiple types of mycotoxins.
  • http://ntced.org/diagnosing-mold-exposure/mycobacteria/ Mycobacteria - Mycobacterium Infections - Mycobacteria grow with mold in indoor water damaged structures. Together they can colonize in their hosts without the hosts showing any adverse symptoms or health signs, such as asymptomatic infections of M. tuberculosis.
  • http://ntced.org/diagnosing-mold-exposure/bio-film-and-mold/ Bio-Film Mold Exposure and Disease - Understanding bio-film production from mold,bacteria and yeast is key in understanding how to rid the body the pathogens. that created the bio-film and disease
  • http://ntced.org/diagnosing-mold-exposure/yeast-infections/ Mold Exposure Yeast Infection, Yeast Infections, Candida, Thrush - Mold contaminated environments can cause yeast infections, "Thrush", yeast colonization in the mouth, Candida Albicans and systemic yeast infections
  • http://ntced.org/diagnosing-mold-exposure/mycotoxins-and-fungus-chart/ Mycotoxin Test- Mycotoxin Treatment - Get the right Mycotoxin test and treatment for Mycotoxin poisoning. Mycotoxins produced by mold / fungi are documented to cause disease in the human body
  • http://ntced.org/ntced-mapp-protocol/ MAPP Protocol | Mold Illness & Mold Sickness Protocol - The MAPP Protocol, the Most Advanced and effective Medical Treatment for Mold Illness, Mold Sickness, Mycotoxin Poisoning and Rapid Recovery

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  • David A. Brooks - Easy to use and streamlined

    I like the way AutoCAD has created a work environment that is more desktop or office friendly - just like using any other tool in your arsenal. Works well with other applications such as excel, word, Acrobat, snagit etc. for importing misc. sketches and information. I like it

  • Joseph A. Kengor - DISAPOINTING

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  • Amazon Customer - Great resource for the SAT II Biology exam

    As a professional Biology tutor who has tutored over 20 students for the SAT II Biology exam, I highly recommend this book. Yes, it can be dense. Yes, the questions are difficult. However, the book has good explanations for the practice tests in the back of the book. I find the questions to be challenging but fair, and more accurate than the other options available. More importantly, the information presented in the book is more accurate than any of the other books that I have worked with (including Barron's and Princeton Review). There are a couple errors here and there that I have found (for example, one diagram shows human cells as tetraploid after DNA replication which is just wrong), but I have found many more mistakes in other books.

  • W. D. Gourley - Looks great, OK Reception

    I upgraded to this antenna knowing I would not have the same reception as my factory one. Besides stations that are far away, I don't notice much static. Local stations come in fine, but I noticed there are a few more "dead spots" around town.

  • Supertec2u - The Honest Poop

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  • Carl R. Grady - Recommended by My Software/Hardware Gurus

    If you've been around computers for more than 30 years you don't need much support, but if all you do is Office applications for the most part then you need some help (and some protection) from old Java software runtime programs and other necessary but arcane ilk. Avast was installed on my laptop and it's supported by the guru company I always call on if anything goes wrong. They continue to support the laptop and Avast, and I upgraded from free Avast to paid.

  • rosemary hurwitz - unacceptable customer service

    not a great product- average and customer service is weak-keep sending too many kits- when I cancelled they said 4-6 weeks before money was credited to account. That is unacceptable. Cindy Crawford, you need to know that when you tell people they can opt out at any time it should be made easy for them to do that. This kind of service will not win you any customers. I finally cancelled membership!